22 thoughts on “2024 Games 70-71: Oakland Athletics at Minnesota Twins”

  1. I'm liking the city connects. Wouldn't as a primary, but as variety I like them.

    Still really like the hats, even with the 10000 Lakes on the side. My brother and his kid picked up a couple and they look nice.

    1. Where were you sitting? I was working sections 101-102. In the shade, nice breeze, good view of the game. It's been pretty good Father's Day. Now I'm gonna grill some flank steak for fajitas and watch the next game. We're six back of Cleveland and hot on KC's heels.

  2. Is anyone up to speed on the xfinity-Bally situation who can summarize? Googling is for suckers.

    Seriously, though, it’s a drag missing out on the boys this much. I’ve chased them around streaming services and cable companies enough for a lifetime. I’d much prefer to wait for something to come together than change yet again when Bally is losing it anyway.

    Also, Miranda!

    1. We use Fubo for our primary streaming service and we have BSN. I wouldn't count on xfinity or Bally doing anything for the benefit of viewers. We're the product, advertisers are the customers.

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