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FMD — Travel Music

Today I'll be off on my annual 175-mile weekend bike trip on the Paul Bunyan trail. It's a lot of fun and even though I will burn probably over 10,000 calories riding my bike, I will also consume close to that same amount of beer (and food).

I'm long past the day when I would listen to music while I rode, way too dangerous for this guy with all the distracted drivers out there but I know people who still do. But it got me thinking about travel music. Is there a certain band or kind of music you like to listen to while traveling? For me driving doesn't matter, I can take any kind of music. However, for some reason I have always thought R.E.M. goes well with train travel. Back when I lived out east and also was in Europe, I would always listen to R.E.M., it just kind of brought me back in time and was complimentary to the motion of the train.

Any specific travel music you enjoy? Or not. Don't forget to drop your lists.