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At The Movies: Netflix Flicks

Let's put up a movie post!

I recently watched a whole bunch of things, which I'll note at some point in the future. But specifically I wanted to share this little fun clip advertisement I saw for the movie Red Notice. Red Notice was apparently a big Netflix movie, and, like a lot of theirs, felt like it was rushed a bit, maybe needed another rewrite to tighten stuff up, etc. Kind of made up for the lack of writing by just having fun people doing fun things. And in the end it was good enough, because of that.

Anyway, what have y'all thought of Netflix movies (and similar?).

Aaaaaaand... also apparently I can't get the clip in this post. Half baked. I'll try the comments.

What are you watching?

Third Monday Movie Day: Up And Comers

Here's just an amazing thread on the staggering amount of talent (not limited to acting) that guest starred on Miami Vice of all shows:

What's one performance you remember, TV or movies, where you noted someone special, only to see them subsequently blow up?

At The Movies: Spooky

I'd heard several people talking about Hereditary recently. I'm not really much of a horror guy, but I decided to give it a shot for some reason. I didn't know anything about it except that was more psychological than slasher, which would be my strong preference between the two.

Spoiler SelectShow

As we're in the seasons, how do you like your horror movies, if at all? Favorite subgenres or movies in general?

At The Movies: At The Movies

So gang, when and under what circumstances would you ever see yourself going to a theater again? I never went much to begin with, so I'm definitely not in any rush. I'm also curious how long studios will go with holding all their movies back in this climate. Doesn't seem like things will get much better going into the winter...

What else have you been watching? Who was most robbed of an Emmy?

At The Movies: In The Queue

I've been threatening myself to watch a new (to me) movie recently. Each time I've finished my day and sat down though, it's been too late or I just haven't been feeling it. I'll get to it though, I swear.

What's in your queue that you know you want to get to, but just haven't for one reason or another? Bonus points if you can guess which recent, well-received movie I've been psyching myself up to see (not due to the subject matter, just any sort of time commitment).

Also, what else have you been watching?

Third Fourth Fifth Monday Movie Day: We Won’t Need Roads

What do you guys see for the future of movies/cinema? How soon do you think the theaters will come back, if at all?

Also, they're having a series of pop up drive in movies in the parking lot of a nearby sports arena, but it's like $30 a car. $50 for a "preferred location", whatever that means. Not worth it just to watch The Goonies.

And of course, what have you been watching?