Summer Mix 2020

Okay, we might as well officially release this to the unwashed masses. Also, let's put this up to push Tommy off the front page for Rhu_Ru's sake.

Anyway, here are some things I said at the pre-release (which I've edited):

Some quick notes:

    • We had a lot of submitters, and a lot of you chose longer songs. After that, there were a lot of other songs that should be on there, so the mix ran a little long.
    • As such, for several reasons it just made more sense to split it into two parts. Each has a theme of sorts.
    • Downloadable files are available (first link). I know at least in iTunes, if you use the "Song Info" option on each track, go to sorting, and select "Remember playback position", it makes it more manageable to skip around the longer tracks.

Have at it. 2020 is a weird year, and this is appropriately a weird mix. I like it though.

Sadly, I haven't gotten around to breaking it into songs as promised. HOWEVER, to ease consumption a bit, I had the idea to release it as a podcast. This way you can walk around with it but don't need to worry about getting it into your library (though that's still an option).

I'm going to try to get this on more platforms but here is where the Summer Mix is available for now:

FILEZ (seemless play)

PODCAST (seemless play)
Apple Podcasts
Google Play

Deezer: Part I / Part II (h/t yickit)
Spotify (coming soon)




Part I

John PrineCaravan Of Fools
Angles 9Equality And Death (Mothers, Fathers, Where Are Ye?)
Bonnie Prince BillyAt The Back Of The Pit
Charles BradleyThe World (Is Going Up In Flames)
U.S. Girls4 American Dollars
BeyoncéFreedom (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
The CoupThis Year
Chicano BatmanThis Land Is Your Land
Gary Clark Jr.Come Together
Brinsley Schwarz(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, And Understanding
New Found Glory Call Me Anti-Social
Jamie XxIdontknow
The Mountain GoatsThis Year

Part II

Bill WithersLovely Day
Electric SkychurchEndless Horizon (I Love Bob Mix)
Phoebe BridgersKyoto
Princess Nokia Soul Food Y Adobo
Bloc PartyRatchet
ShaggyIn The Summertime (Feat. Rayvon)
Dwight YoakamSorry You Asked?
Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
Seals And CroftsSummer Breeze
OdettaGive A Damn
Guided By VoicesHold On Hope
The KinksSummer'S Gone
Duke Ellington And Coleman HawkinsMood Indigo
Neko CaseCalling Cards
Sam Cooke A Change Is Gonna Come
Public EnemyBlack Steel In The Hour Of Chaos

Thanks everyone. I wasn't sure what to do with this mass of songs when it arrived, but I think it turned out rather well. Hope you enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Summer Mix 2020”

        1. Do you have a spreadsheet of all the nominations? I'd put together a deezer list of all of them so I can sync them to ye ol' fitbit?

  1. I would also recommend subscribing to the podcast. I'm working to put more mixes up. For example, I'll put the Xmas Mix back up in the appropriate season. And who knows, maybe some other fun stuff could pop up?

  2. First the Cup of Coffee gets appropriated, now Obama steals our summer music mix idea. (Also how did I forget to put Isbell’s Be Afraid on my list?)

  3. So I finally listened to this. Solid mix of summer is great and fuc* racism songs. Some notes:

    a. I just recently watched the Scrubs episode where Ben gets diagnosed with cancer as "Hold on Hope" is playing in the background.
    b. When "Lovely Day" came on, I was like, where do I hear this all the time? Took a while, but realized the ending to Secret Life of Pets!
    c. songs I will be adding to my library include Equality and Death, At the Back of the Pit, Pretty Pimpin, and Summer Breeze, so thank you to those who nominated them!

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