Happy Birthday–September 27

Whit Wyatt (1907)
Dick Hall (1930)
Dave Wickersham (1935)
Gary Sutherland (1944)
Mike Schmidt (1949)
Bob Veselic (1955)
Don Schulze (1962)
Todd Blyleven (1972)
Vicente Padilla (1977)
Jon Rauch (1978)
Jon Garland (1979)
Matt Shoemaker (1986)

Todd Blyleven is, as you probably know, the son of Bert Blyleven. He pitched in the minor leagues for seven years, getting as high as AA, then was a scout for eight years.

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Do I stay or do I go?


Before the medical thing happened in the first part of the year (duodinal ulcer, 6 1/2 weeks in the ICU), I was thinking about retiring on June 1st.  After I came back to work it seemed prudent to keep working and see how things settle, don't make any major changes, etc.   So I came back to work after the short-term disability was done.

But there's  been a bunch of reorgs, job eliminations, people retiring, etc.  I'm in a new area that I don't really like, and a new boss I don't really like.

I've been interviewing for another position in the same company but a different area - 2nd interview today seemed to go O.K.

So I have to decide - 1) stay in the role I'm in (nope); 2) try out the new role (if they decide to hire me);  3) quit and go on my wife's benefits; 4) go to 4-day week and enjoy slacker Friday's while keeping my benefits, or ??  I'm having 1-1 with boss's  boss tomorrow so will discuss with her.  Maybe she has other options as well...  Wish me luck and send over any WGOM advice you think useful.

Happy Birthday–September 26

Gus Schmelz (1850)
Bob Coleman (1890)
Bobby Shantz (1925)
Mel McGaha (1926)
Dave Duncan (1945)
Jim Gideon (1953)
Rich Gedman (1959)
Steve Buechele (1961)
Dave Martinez (1964)
Brian Shouse (1968)
Brian Looney (1969)
Sean Doolittle (1986)
Chris Archer (1988)

Gus Schmelz managed several teams in the late 19th century.  He is one of the few who became a manager without having played professionally.

Bob Coleman managed in the minor leagues for thirty-five years.  He had the most wins as a minor league manager when he retired, 2,496, a mark since passed by Stan Wasiak.

Former Knicks player Mel McGaha was the manager of the Kansas City Athletics from 1964-1965.

We'd also like to wish a happy birthday to Beau's daughter.

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Happy Birthday–September 25

Pat Malone (1902)
Phil Rizzuto (1917)
Johnny Sain (1917)
Sal Butera (1952)
Glenn Hubbard (1957)
Geno Petralli (1959)
Tony Womack (1969)
David Weathers (1969)
Oscar Munoz (1969)
Wil Nieves (1977)
Joel Pineiro (1978)
Rocco Baldelli (1981)
Vance Worley (1987)
Ben Rortvedt (1997)

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Remodeled basement. Same half-baked taste.