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Game 87: The Stinky Smell of Indifference

Gibson (1-1, 7.94 ERA) vs. Archer (2-3, 4.17 ERA)

I think I completely missed Gibson's crappy start that makes his ERA look really bad. Since I have no recollection of it, it must not have happened and the stats are all just typos.

Anyway, this AL East trip has shoved me all the way down into indifference for the year. That, and I've had to increase my time away from the internet at home to take care of stuff around the house and help with the Trinket now that we're nearing the end of this pregnancy. I hope the next manager of the team (I assume it'll be Mientkiewicz since his team is winning) is able to beat these guys next year. Also, the Twins are double digit games out of first base. I think its time to trade away all the vets (Joe excepted) and just bring up everyone from the minors and see what we got.