2012 Game 46: Tigers @ Twins

Okay. This team stinks, but last week, I posted the game plan for victory - and they followed it to victory. The best part? Absolutely nothing has changed. Sure, Max Scherzer might strike out 30 more per nine innings than Carl Pavano (I think I actually saw Carl Pavano summon the ghosts of baseball players past so he could un-strike them out, lowering his k/9 to something like -4... dark magic, that), but he has no facial hair whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Morneau has parlayed his smooth Canadian charm into in actual war on the opposing pitcher - I wouldn't be surprised if he hit seven home runs today in four at bats.

Mauer's a pussy, but he'll probably whine his way on base two or three times this afternoon. A.J. would advance the runners with a leadership scowl, but walking's cool, too, I guess.

We're actually playing at Target Field today, so expect the Tigers to ground out weakly in shame when they think of where they have to play their games.

This is in the bag, people. Can we just skip to tomorrow so that we can catch a nailbiter?

My prediction: Twins 14, Tigers 8.

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  1. Question of the day: Who will finish with a better OPS: Willingham or opposing batters for Twins pitchers? Willingham currently has a .942 to .912 lead. However, Willingham has a career .840 OPS, and of course most of the damage for the Twins has come from pitchers no longer in the current rotation.

    1. If Liriano somehow stays in the rotation for the rest of the season, I think I'll have to lean towards the opposing batters.

  2. Stat of the Day: Willingham leads the AL in range factor for LF despite the Twins being slightly better than average at getting ground balls. Of course, having the highest contact rate helps.

      1. Thanks to the doc's hookup, I may have a chance to score with Alyssa Milano on Monday.

        1. pictures, and even then it wouldn't have happened. We know how easy those are to fake. 😉

  3. Wow, this Tiger feed has, for the last couple of days (and presumably the few before that) been completely obsessed with Scherzer getting 15 strikeouts, all swinging, in his last start. I'd be way more impressed if all fifteen had been looking.

    I mean, either way, awesome, but freezing guys gets me every time.

  4. Good thing the Twins gave Pavano a couple extra days, otherwise, this could have been ugly.

  5. We're booing this rain delay, Target Field? It's a disaster out there.

    Kind of a shame it happened while Scherzer was struggling, though.

      1. Yeah, but I doubt he's coming back in unless it's quick.

        If this game starts again, can I get a heads up? I've switched to TOR-TEX. Thanks.

        1. Looks like it's still going to be a while. Siren is going off in St. Paul now.

    1. It might be a short delay, so it's possible Scherzer will come back out. I think it would be smart to pull him and warm up a reliever though.

    1. Enchiladas and New Belgium Trippel and Ranger, but I won't be touching the beers if it turns out we're moving today.

      We've spent all day packing, but are still waiting on the background check to clear. I made some mistakes in youth, but I've never had them get in the way of renting a place, but it's always enough that I have to wait longer than the average person.

        1. Oh, mama. I'll be there in 6.5 ish hours. Wait, I'd have to miss the dugout club. Never mind.

    2. Home made pinto bean burrito with hot peppers and sweet onions, and a walk to trader joes for dinner.

  6. On The Grill™ soon: tandoori-style chicken for tomorrow. I'm also making a big batch of pav bhaji (on gluten-free buns), fruit salad and a green salad. The Boy's black belt exam starts at 10:00 a.m. This stuff is for the after-luncheon.

    tonight: grilled portabellas and BBQ beef ribs, baked beans (from a can, sadly), watermelon.

    tomorrow night: I have one of these with which to celebrate the boy's ascent.

  7. lots of DPs for the Twins today. Too bad they couldn't have been a little better placed.

    1. The Tigers have scored in two innings today. Both innings ended on Delmon DPs.

  8. The bottom four in the Twins' order are 0-for-11 with 10 Ks. But I'm sure the complaints will be that the big hitters weren't "clutch" enough today.

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