76 thoughts on “Twins – Red Sawx spring training”

  1. Recreating Fenway as a spring training park is a little weird. Maybe they figure it will acclimate the players to Fenway's oddities in spring training instead of the regular season.

    1. it makes watching the games on tv feel more like 'real baseball' even though the players are wearing 80s

  2. Lyle Overbay is still around. huh
    I loved picked him when I played fantasy baseball. sneaky pick that piled up doubles

  3. So I'm sitting on the couch watching the game and drinking a beer and thought, hey, maybe there's a game log for this thing. Sweet.

  4. Lot of called strikeouts by Pelfrey. I like strikeouts, but can't count on so many called ones.

    1. Kind of a bottomless strike zone tonight. I've seen quite a few called right at or below the knees.

  5. Stupid new firewall at work won't let me stream anything. I'm gonna have to get creative if I want to track Twins games this year...

    1. Yeah, work firewall's not going to be a problem for me come the end of the month.

        1. I haven't mentioned it until now but I'm seeking new employment. I'll be seeking full-time in three more weeks.

          1. Well, switching jobs is usually either a good thing or it sucks. Not much in gray area in there. Which side of the coin are you falling on?

            1. The sucks side, mostly. On the other hand, I think it's for the best. The stress over the past few months has been brutal, and I'm ready for something less volatile than the tech industry.

                1. Yeah, I'm not real excited about the prospect but at this point I just want out. I worry about going postal on the boss if I don't get out now.

      1. Yeah, I'm thinking it might be time for me to get a smartphone. Well, more like two or three years past due for me to get a smartphone, but you know what I'm saying.

          1. You know, I guess I might be okay with missing a lot of the games this year. As long as I get set up in time for next season, right?

  6. its the annoying part of the ballgame where the tv booth does interviews with all the players. yawwwwwwwn

  7. oh yeah, we need to take up a collection for game logs and recaps soon, eh? i'd definitely put in for monday game logs, please.

      1. Mastroianni had 186 PAs last year compared to Clete's 29. I would say he's definitely ahead on the depth chart.

    1. Where did Scotty land, anyway? I've been gone so long I have no idea what's going on with the roster anymore.

  8. Late dinner tonight, I've got chicken on the grill and the better half's working on some black bean and corn salsa quesadillas. Landshark Lager and Guiness in the fridge, 2 Gingers and Jameson's on the bar. I've been stocking up for St. Patrick's day.

    1. I've heard that the owner of 2 Gingers and the owners of Jameson's don't really get along anymore.

      1. Well, Kieran Folliard sold th 2 Gingers distillery to Beam, Inc. back in December, but there was some legal action between him and Jameson's before that. Some kerfuffle over copyrights on drink names, of all things.

            1. My Irish friends will be happy to know that the long struggle (over drink naming rights) is over.

            2. Funny story, that. When he sold out, I found myself pretty disillusioned, but it doesn't look like there was much of a choice. He'd been having it distilled by at Cooley (or Kilbeggan - tough to tell), the last independent Irish distillery. Cooley was purchased by Beam last year, so now the stand-bys are all owned by foreigners: Bushmills (Diageo - UK), Jameson (Pernod - FR) 2 Gingers/Kilbeggan/Tyrconnell (Beam - US). They're all fine Irish Whiskeys, but I just liked the idea of drinking something not made by a huge, international conglomerate.

  9. I recognize several of these young players' names from their Bowman baseball cards. Really wish I had a Hick autographed card now. Or Sano, for that matter.

  10. So I bought a new keyboard for this laptop and according to ebay it shipped on Feb. 27. I just checked and the estimated delivery date is March 18th. Must be on the slow boat from China.

    1. Dick says due to getting smacked in the face/body so much. Can't blame the guy. Was thinking earlier that the umps need better face and neck protection.

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