Game Recap #6: 1001 Club 10, Mistake by the Lake 7

Another easy win for our boys.

The Twins have been scoring early runs, which is a good thing.  However, it's starting to look like the offense cannot build a lead so big that the starting pitching can't squander it.

Ricky Nolasco had his second poor outing.  I still don't believe he's Vanimal II.  For one thing, he has much more of a track record than Vanimal did and for another thing, it's two starts.  Anyone can have a couple of poor starts.  It would be nice to see him do better pretty soon, though.

It would also be nice to see Anthony Swarzak to better pretty soon.  He's made three appearances.  The first one was good, the last two have been awful.  Yesterday, he was pretty much throwing batting practice.  Even the outs were mostly hit hard.  He was the worst Twins pitcher of the day, and was awarded the win for his efforts.

It was another big day for Chris Colabello.  He drove in four, giving him eleven RBIs in six games.  This pace will give him around three hundred for the season, which I believe will be a record.

On a team like the Twins, not having a real reserve outfielder is not something that's going to make or break their season.  Still, it's annoying.  If they were sacrificing a reserve outfielder for the sake of a big bat on the bench, it would be understandable.  Even if they were sacrificing it for a third catcher, it would be a little bit understandable.  But to sacrifice a real reserve outfielder for Jason Bartlett?  Nothing against Bartlett--he may be a fine fellow for all I know.  But he hasn't played since 2012, hasn't played well since 2009, and hasn't done anything to show that he can play now.  Again, it's not like this is the one thing that's going to prevent them from winning the division.  I just hate to see even a bad team do something that makes no sense.  On the other hand, i suppose that's one of the reasons a bad team is a bad team.

I feel like it should be pointed out that after starting 1-for-12, Joe Mauer went 6-for-13 in Cleveland and is now batting .280.  He has yet to drive in a run, but the two batters usually batting in front of him are Brian Dozier (.190 average) and Pedro Florimon (.059), so I doubt that he's had a ton of RBI chances.

So, our boys come home having taken two of three from Cleveland, a team that made the playoffs last year.  They split six games on the road.  Now, it's time for the home opener.  We're still on track for 159-3!

9 thoughts on “Game Recap #6: 1001 Club 10, Mistake by the Lake 7”

  1. Joe has not driven in a run, but he and Dozier are at the top of the Runs Scored list (as is Plouffe!) so he's doing his part. While the Twins have been striking out a lot, they're also drawing walks. Interesting couple of series so far.

    How much is our defense hurting the pitching staff this year? Can anyone make a hyperbolic statement on this regard?

    1. I checked my formula: y = ax2 + bx + c.
      Proof enough it's almost all the defense's fault.

        1. I'm sorry, that was a parabolic statement. Here's a hyperbolic statement:
          ax2bx2 = c
          (where a and b are either both positive or both negative, and c ≠ 0.)
          Well that puts a bit more on the pitching, but it's still approximately 70% defense.

    2. Fun with Numbers!
      in 25 AB's, Joe's 0-4 with RISP but has only had 10 total AB's with runners on.
      He's 2-6 with a 2B and a walk in AB's with a runner on 1st, 0-1 with runners on 1st & 2nd, and 0-2 with a BB and IBB with a runner at 2nd only.

      I haven't watched anything but highlights this year, so I can't say anything about defense with regards to pitching. Strike that, I did see "highlights" in which Bartlett misplayed a ball off the left field wall and another one where someone here accurately described Hicks's route to a ball being "Delmon-esqe" and a run-scoring triple resulting. Those certainly didn't help?

  2. Fun fact that I don't know has been mentioned yet. Going into today, the Twins led the AL in runs scored and runs allowed.

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