47 thoughts on “2014 Game Log 140: Los Angeles Angels vs. Minnesota Twins”

  1. In the interest of science, can someone post immediately after the Twins make their third out? I want to see how far behind my MLBViewer stream is.

      1. The timestamp of the comment date (have to inspect the element I think) will give you the second the WGOM received the LTE.

      2. Crap, got distracted by a text from Mom. We'll have to try again this next half-inning with the Angels. I appreciate the assist though.

        1. Wasn't paying attention either, so missed this LTE and notifying when the Angels half ended. I'll try to do better for the Twins half.

      1. Gibson has an 8.0 K/9 rate career in the minors and had 35 strikeouts in his previous 41 innings before this start. Given the 18-2 GB/FB ratio, I'm guessing his sinker was working so well, he was sticking with that and just not trying to fool the batters so much. His one K, of course, came in his one bad inning (of course, his only 2 walks came in that inning as well).

  2. Of the 32 LTEs currently, only 13 don't have to do with my stupid delay figuring out. (Now 13/33 counting this one).

  3. Just noticed Hicks in right instead of center. I am amused about Nunez starting at shortstop, Santana in center, and Hicks in right.

  4. There needs to be a time limit on the replay. If it takes that long, call it close enough and go with the original call.

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