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2019 Game Log 47: Minnesota Twins at LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAngels

Ahh, that bit never gets old... (right? RIGHT!?)

Odoreater's out there tonight, his scoreless streak recently snapped, but has still been more than capable of late. Angels are going with an opener in Cole before they bring in Pena. Hopefully we can make them regret that.

I still feel like the Angels are a better team than their record shows, so I'm hoping for a good series on their turf. It's the Twins' fault for starting to make me expect it.

2019 Game 40: LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAngels vs. Minnesota Twins

Happy Berríos Day!

After splitting the series with Detroit (which admittedly was a disappointment), an even more capable team in the Angels are coming to town. The Twins have .650 winning percentage at Target Field this year, but have split the games when the Angels have stopped by.

Hopefully Cron and Parker will look to extract some revenge against their old team. Cruz has whipped out his Boomstick 50 times against the Angels (good for 2nd most against them as a team), but he's day to day with his wrist is being evaluated. Hopefully we can find another dong masher or two on the team in the meantime.

On the mound for the Angels is Skaggs, whose numbers don't look all that great this year (3-3, 4.70 ERA, 1.37 WHIP). Maybe we can find some of that missing offense tonight.

Finally, don't forget, we're still on 1840 start times. Some of the senior citizens around here can get to bed a little earlier.

2013 Game 12: LA Seraphim at Minnesota Gemini

Three weeks ago I was pretty much done with taxes, except for entering one form that my daughter needed to provide. After weeks of nagging, she finally sent it to me last Friday. I plugged it into the old 1040 today, and my refund got a happy ending. What's the lesson? Perseverance pays off. Maybe if the Twins persevere for the next five and a half months they could win the division. Probably not. But it's a good bet it will all come down to the pitching.

Today is Jackie Robinson day around the major leagues and you might see a number 42 here or there. I'll be going to see the movie on Sunday, so no spoilers, please.

Today the Angels send right-hander Joe Blanton to the hill, while the Twins offer Kevin Correia. Blanton in his last start gave up six runs in just over five innings, while Correia gave up three runs in eight innings and carried a shutout through the first seven. One move of note for the Twins, Oswaldo Arcia is called up before tonight's game to replace Wilkin Ramirez, who went on the three-day paternity list Sunday. I didn't even know there was such a thing.

Game 22 Recap: Minnesota Twins 3, LAAAAAAAAAAA Angels 4


half-bakef game notes:

  • blackburn had a quality start (you can take that for what it's worth)
  • II didn't care
  • casilla was strangely effective
  • valencia too (though less so)
  • morneau left the game injured (wrist)
  • burton still isn't a scrub
  • close, but not close enough-ish
  • i dropped lidge and picked up downs.  uhh, score...

UPDATE: aww, nuts.