Game 4: Twins at White Sox. 3:10 pm.

Early season baseball screws up my Twins watching. Games start at noon or 1 or in this case 3pm because spring temperatures make it not ideal for playing baseball or watching baseball in the stands. And because of these early starts, I only can catch an inning or two on my lunch break and see the score when I get home.

Well this year, I haven't missed much. The most exciting Twins related thing to happen was Bert Blyleven taking to Twitter and offering his insights on Detroit. That is not a good thing.

The Twins move on to Chicago to take on the White Sox. Both teams are 0-3.
Tommy Milone will throw for the Local 9. The current White Sox roster has a .250/.284/.391/.674 career slash line against him (67 plate apps). Chicago will throw out Hector Noesi. I would be willing to wager a lot of money that the Twins score more than 1 run this series.


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  1. I always thought the day games at the beginning of the season were to increase the chances of avoiding rainouts or delays that go to the wee hours of the morning.

  2. Come on, Milone. Justify my faith in you. Make this lead stand up for at least one inning.

  3. Okay, sure, Hunter struck out with the bases loaded, but at least he did it in a way that showed veteranny leadership. The complete opposite of that wimp Mauer, who took a walk rather than swing and try to drive in the runs.

  4. Another thing I didn't know was allowed--the Twins getting more than one base on a hit.

  5. Torii, Torii, he's our man, if he can't do it--well, somebody else maybe could, but it'd really help if he did it here.

    1. Again, Mauer just won't swing the bat. He keeps selfishly taking walks and leaving those runners for someone else to drive in.

      1. or maybe he knows he's a pansy singles hitter and figured it would be better to let someone else do the heavy lifting?

  6. I was wrong about Rochester at Buffalo being rained out. It actually reads "Postponed: wind". That's a new one on me.

  7. Dazzle: Dozer not likely to build on his homers from last year.
    Dozier: Boom.

  8. Mauer is such a nice guy, getting on 4 times so far today giving Torii all these RBII opportunities.

  9. Hey, if anyone knows a quick way to find the video link that was shared a week or two ago about Rod Carew's 3000'th hit, I wanted to send over to the FIL.

        1. I thought he was safe, too, but the only replay we saw was inconclusive, so if that's all there was it was a good decision not challenge.

      1. The last time he was IBB'd was in 2013 when he was with Washington. He batted 8th, in front of the pitcher.

  10. Hopefully this will come out right when mailed.

    Perusing rosters to fix my fantasy lineup and noticed this:

    Los Angeles Angels
    No Player Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt Age Exp Pob Salary
    22 Drew Butera C/P/1B R R 6' 1" 200 31 5 Evansville, Indiana $987,500

    1. I'm on radio, but that's really bad baserunning to get thrown out at the plate when you're down by six.

      1. Yep. It was not a deep ball at all.
        The onyl thing is Eaton is fast and Escobar was running back to the play. but had enough time to settle under the ball and get a good throw to home.

  11. It's kind of amazing, except not, that Atteberry and Dazzle went on and on about Hunter's ninth-inning baserunning on the post-game show and didn't say a word about all the men he left on base.

  12. If you're interested in more baseball, Chattanooga, with Jose Berrios pitching, is just about to start its game with Montgomery. The audio is available for free at

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