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Game 4: Twins at White Sox. 3:10 pm.

Early season baseball screws up my Twins watching. Games start at noon or 1 or in this case 3pm because spring temperatures make it not ideal for playing baseball or watching baseball in the stands. And because of these early starts, I only can catch an inning or two on my lunch break and see the score when I get home.

Well this year, I haven't missed much. The most exciting Twins related thing to happen was Bert Blyleven taking to Twitter and offering his insights on Detroit. That is not a good thing.

The Twins move on to Chicago to take on the White Sox. Both teams are 0-3.
Tommy Milone will throw for the Local 9. The current White Sox roster has a .250/.284/.391/.674 career slash line against him (67 plate apps). Chicago will throw out Hector Noesi. I would be willing to wager a lot of money that the Twins score more than 1 run this series.