Game 15: Twins at Seattle. 9:10 central time.

West coast baseball for a short spell. The beginning of this game will compete with the Wild game so make sure you give your thumb a warm up before you furiously flip back and forth between the two games.

On paper, this is a good pitching matchup. Phil Hughes throws for the Twins, King Felix for Seattle. I hope the Twins win 2 out of 3 this weekend.

29 thoughts on “Game 15: Twins at Seattle. 9:10 central time.”

  1. Hughes is on pace for 18 strikeouts. That would not be a record, but still pretty good.

  2. Solo home runs dont hurt!*

    * unless the other pitcher is King Felix and he is dealing.

  3. Suzuki on second because of a throwing error. There are zero out. Does anyone want to wager on some sac bunting here?

  4. Schafer whiffed on his only sac bunt attempt...and GETS AN INFIELD SINGLE! breaking a 0-21 mess.

    1. I really hope that he's on a short leash. I don't know what the other options are (Hicks? Robinson?) but they've got to be better.

      1. Looking at the stat sheet, Hicks has been doing pretty well in Rochester. .286/.375/.490/.865 7 walks 13 strikeouts.

  5. Well, the last couple of innings has seen runners stranded on third. I hope there is enough game left to get those runners home.

  6. Hughes' 7 strikeouts tying a season high by any Twins pitcher (Milone)
    This is only the 4th game Twins pitching has recorded 7+ strikeouts.

  7. Hernandez has 4 assists as a fielder. The record in a 9 inning game is 11 by Stan Coveleski and others.

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