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2023 Game Log 103 – Mariners at Twins

9-2 after the All Star game has done wonders for the attitude of fans and the 2023 version of the Twins. Not only are the Twins winning games but they are putting together good at bats, and getting clutch hits. Now with 60 games left in the season, and the trade deadline a week away, hopefully the Twins can position themselves for a decent showing in the playoffs - like perhaps winning a playoff game.

Pablo Lopez on the mound for the Twins. Twins did him no favors last week against Seattle scoring 0 runs while Lopez again pitched decently. George Kirby for the Mariners. He was on the Mariners side of that 5-0 win, hopefully the Twins saw something they can use this game.

First pitch at 6:40 in which promises to be a steamy, hot game.

2023 Game 98 – Twins at Mariners

After laying a big egg in Baltimore to end the first half, the local nine have been playing much better ball since their return from the All-Star break with a sweep of the Athletics and two wins in three games with Seattle. The Twins will try to seal a series win from the Mariners in a businessman's special this afternoon.

The Twins will send Pablo Lopez (5-5, 4.24 ERA, 145 K) to the mound today, Seattle will counter with sophomore right-hander George Kirby (8-8, 3.43 ERA, 93 K). Let's hope the Twins bats make a lot of noise again today, it sure is entertaining to watch when this team is hitting well.

Play ball!

2023 Game Log 96 – Twins at Mariners

So after beating up on the dreadful A's the Twins back in the mire losing to teams that are decent. The Mariners are a little disappointing this year after finally making the playoffs in 2022 but apparently playing the Twins is a good tonic for what ails you (Royals and A's excepted).

Rookie Bryan Woo on the mound for the Mariners. He's only 23 and I think this is his 3rd or 4th start. Bailey Ober up for the Twins and he continues to pitch well, but without a lot of run support from the bats.

First pitch at 8:40.

2023 Game Log 95: Minnesota Twins at Seattle Mariners

I mean, a sweep is a sweep, but it wasn't pretty. Especially against one of the historically worse teams ever, but who cares! I'll take it. This next series will be a bigger challenge though.

The M's, like the T's, have good pitching and bad batting. They're at .500 (though have only played 92 games) and they are a +31 to the Twins' +32. Gilbert is having a decent year so far, which isn't good news for the hitting staff.

Fingers crossed, friends!

2022 Game Log 64 – Twins at Mariners

Twins back with a late night (for us Midwesterners) tilt in Seattle. Finally, after 3 weeks sidelined due to COVID, Joe Ryan back on the mound for the Twins. Yay!! We missed you Joe. Seattle goes with probably their best pitcher this year, Logan Gilbert. He's been pretty good with a 6-2 record, ERA under 2.5, and 1.08 WHIP.

Twins getting close to its "A" line up so I'm expecting to read good things tomorrow when I wake up.

First Pitch at 9:10p Central time.

Twins Lineup:
2B - Arraez
DH - Buxton
SS - Correa
RF - Kepler
3B - Urshela
LF - Larnach
1B - Miranda
C - Jeffers
CF - Celestino

Game 3: Seattle @ Minnesota

Remember  how awesome this was?

Losing the first two games by one run each sure makes it easy to look for the little things that could have maybe gone the other way to flip the result. This was not a little thing, Buxton turned around that fastball and earned that flip of the bat and should have earned a flip of the outcome.

Just watch it again. He's so good.

Today's pitchers:

Ober vs. Marco Gonzalez

I'm very interested in what Bailey Ober's season will look like.  Repeating the good parts of a rookie year is sometimes a challenge. On the other hand, there were good parts about a Twins pitcher last year!



Game 2: mariners @ twins

Baseball is back, folks. For yesterday, that was enough. A couple of months ago, it seemed basically impossible for them to be playing baseball anywhere but across the ocean in early April, but he we are.

Today's tilt features the other big Twins offseason acquisition in Sonny Gray. "Sonny" is actually his given name, which....I didn't really know that was a name people game their kids anymore. Either way, the Twins just need him to go out and put in fine or six solid innings and get to the bullpen.

Speaking of the bullpen, Duran was pretty fun yesterday, huh? Here's a retrospective of the Mariners batters trying to hit Duran's offerings once he settled in.

Kid's gonna be fun to watch.

Hopefully today, the offense is fun to watch.

Go twins!