Game 5: twins @ royals

I was going to do up a full log with Twins on Leaderboards and whatnot, but then the little one didn't nap, and we decided to go to town to do some errands. I'll probably post them in an LTE.

Today, Milone takes on the ineffable Ian Kennedy. Arcia gets to begin his last stand and Buxton gets a day off.

I've looked over things a bit in the last couple of days, and this is a game that the Twins should consider winning. Can't get to 90 wins without winning at least one.

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  1. This is game five. I know it seems like they've already lost five, but it's only four so far.

  2. During the pre-game show, Dazzle helpfully told us that the reason Kansas City is so good is that they have a lot of baseball players.

  3. They shouldn't allow both teams to have a starting shortstop named "Escobar". It's too confusing.

    1. I thought maybe MLB started an equality program where every team had to have an Escobar.

  4. Only two K's in the first. By the way, what is the record for most strikeouts in a season for a team, and how far ahead of the pace are the Twins.

    1. We're going to do up some fish taco this evening. Slaw and corn tortillas, oven baked (because healthy, booooooooo) whitefish, and some ice cold craft beers.

      1. Wish I could have tried some of your crawfish, but I'm glad I was able to send a surrogate.

        1. Ha!
          Dr. Chop, "who the heck was that"?
          Me, "Mr. Jim Young".
          Dr. Chop, "?!?"
          Me, "Yup".

      2. I did smoked green beans (marinated in a little olive oil, sesame oil, soy sauce and chili paste, then grilled over a handful of applewood chips), salmon (quick-cured with a 50-50 mix of kosher salt and white sugar plus some dill, then grilled), steelhead trout (same), and chana punjabi over jasmine rice.

        My UCLA boy and his Mrs (word to meat!) were staying over with us, so we had another couple over and did it up with a collection of beers to go with the vittles: this (tasty enough), this (excellent, creamy, not really an IPA profile, even for a "black IPA"), this (weird but interesting), this (truly odd, but enjoyable), this (nice and spicey), this (a refreshing palate cleanser before dinner), this (is there anything The Bruery cannot do well?), and finishing with this!!!! (thanks, cheaptoy, from long ago!) and finally, THIS!!!111one111!!!.

        An epic meal with good friends.

    1. Oscar Blues just began wide distribution to the crescent city. I'm pretty thrilled.

        1. My brother lives near their original brewery. I've been a fan for years. Now, if only Odell would begin distributing in New Orleans.

          1. One of the few perks of living in Nebraska is that we get pretty much all of the Colorado micro brews.

  5. Hey, those two Royals homers will just make the Twins' comeback victory that much more dramatic!

  6. At this rate Escobar is going to have as many singles as doubles pretty soon.

  7. Here's some good news: Cedar Rapids already won and Chattanooga and Fort Myers are both winning. Rochester got rained out.

  8. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I'm beginning to think the Twins may not win this game after all.

  9. Everyone keeps talking about the strikeouts and the lack of clutch hitting, but the fact is that the Twins haven't done much hitting, period. By my figuring, they came into the game with a team batting average of .209, and unless they do something in the last few innings it's going to go down. And, of course, they scored only nine runs in the first four games and haven't scored yet tonight.

    1. A .209/.288/.372 team batting line will do that. Can't get hits and can't get on base.

  10. Arcia absolutely butchered that "triple" last inning, but Dick has already thrown him under the bus about 10 times today. Guess he's the early season whipping boy.

  11. Let me get this straight, Dazzle. We can teach eight and ten year olds to slide into second base properly, but major league baseball players can't learn it?

    1. That baffled me too. You practice everything else, it's obvious that good slides can help, and they changed the rules for this season. Why not spend some time to remind players that things are little different. Of course, this is a soon to be 0-5 team, so...

  12. With 8 9 Ks today, that's 58 for the season. They're on pace for 1879. They just need to average 9.5 per game for the rest of the year to top the Astros.

  13. Twins become the 114th team in major league history to start 0-5. Four more teams started 0-4 in their first five games. Including only the total losers, only three teams made it to postseason: the 2011 Rays (wildcard), 1995 Reds (division champ), and 1974 Pirates (division champ). Including the four that had a tie, one won the NL pennant: the 1897 Beaneaters.

    87 of those teams were in 1900 or later. Those teams went a combined 5913-7721 for a .433 winning percentage.

  14. *** NEWS ***

      1. Im guessing its because Mastro is not on the 40 man roster. Can't give up any of our talented bullpens arms.

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