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Game 5: twins @ royals

I was going to do up a full log with Twins on Leaderboards and whatnot, but then the little one didn't nap, and we decided to go to town to do some errands. I'll probably post them in an LTE.

Today, Milone takes on the ineffable Ian Kennedy. Arcia gets to begin his last stand and Buxton gets a day off.

I've looked over things a bit in the last couple of days, and this is a game that the Twins should consider winning. Can't get to 90 wins without winning at least one.

2011 Game 109: Minnesota Twins at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (MUST WIN GAME!!!!!!11)

the dunce


that other santana

welcome back, span. we're glad you’re still here, and we’re glad to have you back.

the twins come back from a rare day off and face off against the LAAAAAAAAAA angels. on the mound is ervin santana, whom i'm told has been pitching alright as of late. since we’re obviously not having a fire sale, might as well start winning, i guess. now's as good a time the start as any...