30 thoughts on “16 June 2016: The Yankees are in town”

  1. Had friends from church that were going on a week vacation with their two boys; included in their itinerary was a stop in Louisville at the Louisville Slugger Museum. Of course I had to recommend they stop by the restaurant at the top of the bat 😉

  2. I'm going tonight. Sheenie's work is going, so I'm not sure where the tickets are. Last year, it was in the third level above third base.

    1. Looks like I lost your number when I lost my phone. Gimme a text if you still have mine.

        1. 515 is my old one. New one's an Austin 512. I have no idea what 256 is. *googles* Northern Alabama? No idea where that one came from. I'll FB message you my number.

    1. It's her Dad's team, as it was his father's before him. I figure I can't argue with that one.

      1. OK, then, as long as there's a reason.
        My son has a friend who's a Yankees fan, too. His parents grew up and married in the area (north NJ?), and moved to MN before he was born. So it's a bit of family cultural identity and I can't argue with that, either.

          1. AMR (we all know and love).
            (AMR we all know) and love.
            AMR (we all know and) love.
            AMR (we) all (know) and love.
            AMR (we all know) and love.

            1. What are the B-Sides off of Orbital's "AMR" CD Single (Brazillian Edition)?

              I'll take "Obscure Techno B-Sides" for $500, please.

    1. How do they expect anyone to trust their training staff or their recommended people?

      If this was the first, second, even third time this had happened, it would be one thing, but it feels like this happens all the freaking time.

      1. It is an embarrassing trend, that's for sure.

        This news makes that Souhan hit piece from a few weeks back look great, I'd really like to know his sources for the article.

        There were times a player would talk about teammates willingly playing hurt while glaring across the clubhouse at Perkins.

        Members of the Twins organization have told me that there were key figures with the team who wanted to trade Perkins this winter, and that there is one key figure who questions whether Perkins will pitch again this season. The latter is probably more indicative of the pessimism Perkins has inspired in the organization than a reflection of reality.

      1. Yes, but only 3 Ks so hasn't been all that dominant and really hasn't gotten that many groundouts either. Valencia is leading off the 8th and is probably Lewis' biggest obstacle.

    1. Lewis with a four-pitch walk to Yonder Alonso with 2 outs in the 8th. Had pounded the strike zone to the first two batters of the inning. Still a no-hitter intact.

    2. Muncy ends the no-hit bid with a leadoff double in the 9th. Now Lewis just trying to preserve shutout, which would be just the fourth of his career and the first this season.

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