Game 24 — Athletics at Twins

It’s May and the Twins have a winning record.  Miguel Sano had a great first month and has been decent in the field (man what a rifle for an arm at third base).  Polanco doing well, Buxton maybe showing some signs of life at the plate, serviceable pitching… all portend to at least some hope that we will continue to see entertaining, hopeful baseball into the Summer.

Ervin Santana has been lights out this year and brings his 0.77 ERA to tonight’s game against the Athletics and the 2017 debut of Sonny Gray.  Game at 7:10p

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    1. What's anyone's thought about Carlos Beltran for the Hall of Fame? My thought is no, but's Hall of Fame Monitor consider's him likely. His only black ink is leading the league in games played in 2002. On the other hand, he made the all-star team nine times, was Rookie of the Year, won three Gold Gloves and two Silver Sluggers. He also appeared in the post-season six times and has very good numbers there. He has 423 homers and 312 stolen bases. You could certainly make a case for him.

      1. He gets some point for being a post season horse, his 2004 Astros run was spectacular.
        I would lean towards yes.

      2. 69.9 rWAR (-0.4 this year so was above 70) plus 35.5 wins above average. I think I would vote him in. Nothing about him particularly stands out, similar to Edmonds, but I think he has a long enough career and was better that he'll make it.

  1. I couldn't tell--what was the crowd reaction to the introduction of Plouffe ? I can't think of any reason you wouldn't give him a nice reception, but fans can be funny sometimes.

    1. I would say it was indifferent to happy to see him back. There aren't a whole lot of people there today, so any cheering want particularly loud but a few people did stand and clap.

    2. I heard some cheers on the tv. Some Ploooooufes. But the sparse crowd made the cheers very ... not crowd cheer like (if that makes sense)

  2. The way Provus described that one, it was reminiscent of the kind of towering, majestic home runs Harmon Killebrew used to hit.

  3. The Twins still using the end of Prince's "When the Doves Cry" after each Twins pitcher strikeout. Pretty cool!

    1. Newbish's favorite song (by far, he hears the guitar bit in the beginning and he gets excited, then the synth line sets in and he dances so hard he nearly falls over).

  4. Castro hit one along way to dead center field, and it looked like a pop fly compared to Sano's HR.

          1. Sano's mighty blast shook the ground the MLB servers rest on, causing them to shut down.

              1. I hadn't noticed that. You'd think someone would have yelled something like "holy shit, look out, it's coming up here!"

  5. Citizens, be prepared for this really hot take, but I think this Max Kepler kid is going to a be a fine ball player.

    1. .280/.368/.467 so far this year. UZR doesn't like his fielding but DRS does. FanGraphs projections have him at a ~2 fWAR season. Right now, I'll take the over on that.

    1. I thought that was a typo!!!
      Edited to add: Twins 0-1 with RISP ... have scored 8 runs

    1. Was listening to Reusse interview Jim Kaat today. High level of GOML in the discussion, but I could bet that Padre's bullpen-sense was tingling with how much they savaged the current pitching usage and roster construction. I enjoyed their rant/conversation.

      1. I want it because that means Duffey gets a save. AMR has BOSO, I have my three-inning saves in blowouts.

  6. Geez Molitor. Forced to bring in Tonkin so Tonkin was forced to end the shutout. Should've stuck with Duffey.

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