38 thoughts on “Game 112 Twins at Brewers”

    1. I'm gonna toss out the theory that he was playing through an injury during his hot mess part of this year.

    1. When I was in high school working at the IGA, a quart of Mountain Dew, a bag of Doritos & a couple of Ho-Hos was my meal break.

    2. When I was much younger, I would often drive or ride the 8 hours between the Twin Cities and Kansas City. I would take a 2-liter bottle of Mt. Dew and drink it all myself in those 8 hours.

    1. Ripken was intentionally walked and scored the winning run when the next guy doubled. So I guess it's technically correct that Ripken ended it by scoring the winning run, but that usually refers to the guy who drove in the run and not the guy who scored it.

        1. as was the Braves/Padres game he watched as well, though at least both games were from 1991. And they probably figured no one would care the movie is set in 1992.

          For a while I wondered how he could be watching both of those games from his apartment in D.C., but I'm guessing it's possible the Orioles game was on local television there and he could have watched the Braves game on TBS if he had cable.

          1. Until the Nats arrived, Baltimore was on the "local" baseball team. I spent 1987 watching Billy Ripkin's rookie season from my D.C. apartment.

  1. Provus is quite wryly extolling the quality of construction of the dump in Milwaukee: "Season ticket holders know where the [roof] leaks are and bring their umbrellas."

    I'm guessing he doesn't mind working at the LOL.

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