54 thoughts on “Game 134. Twins hosting KC”

  1. Nice to hear Bruno get some credit for his coaching. I wonder if there are some hard feelings on his end; I don't believe he attended the '87 reunion this summer.

        1. The way he is going, probably reach that by the third week of September.

          Kirby is #1 on the Twins list with 414

        2. 28 in 134 games means 33.8 over 162 games, leaving him one or two short. He's only played in 115 out of 134 games though. If he plays in every game to finish the season, then he'll finish at 34.8, either reaching 400 or one shy. If we assume he performs as he did in August for all of September, that puts him at 35.5 for the season, so 400 or 401 for his career. So, I too would love to see him reach 400 because it means he finished the season well.

  2. FSN show have a show where its just former players talking baseball. No hosts or anything, just 4 players in a chair chewing the fat.

    The Hawk talking about Brad Lidge's slider and Nathan saying he loved that, I wanted to hear more!

    1. I saw something like that on TNT with the '08 Celtics - Garnett, Paul Pierce, Perkins, Rondo and Big Baby. It was not as much about the game of bball so much as recollections of the season, but it was pretty cool.

  3. Went to a Rancho Cucamonga Quakes game tonight on $1 hot dog, soda and ice cream sandwiches night. Quakes scored 7 in the second inning to take a 9-2 lead. I spent more time on my phone on Gameday keeping track of the Twins than I did the Quakes game. When I saw In Play, Runs for Mauer in the ninth, I really got excited. I sure was hoping for at least another double. Oh well. It's probably not a good plan to wait till the ninth to tie or take the lead every game. I'm sure the narrative for this game is the Twins never quit, but Mauer's hit was the only one for the Twins. The rest were handed to them by the Royals on an error, 2 walks and an hbp.

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