Game 141 Twins at Royals

It would be great if the Twins could score a bunch of runs early and cruise to a victory. This late inning rally stuff is bad for the ol ticker.

Ervin Santana for the Twins. Ian Kennedy for the Royals.

Fun fact! Joe Mauer has 3 IBBs on the season, 2 in the last two games! I predict he hits at least two home runs tonight.

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  1. Mrs. Rows is in isolation for the next few days, so bachelor days at the Rowsdower Ranch! Frozen pizza, cold beer and Twins on the big screen (no 7" kindle for this dude tonight).

  2. Just dropping by to say that Chattanooga defeated Montgomery 2-0 to take a 2-1 lead in the best-of-five series. Elizabethton defeated Pulaski 8-7 to win the Appalachian League Championship 2-0!

  3. Since I don't think it is too early to scoreboard watch anymore, the Mariners are up 4-2 on the angels in the fourth.

  4. This is starting to feel semi-real. The Milkmaid and I are planning one more game this year and hope to spring for some pretty real tickets - maybe even for the October 1st finale. I've done the playoffs a few times, but have never hit the last regular season game.

    1. I'm heading up Tuesday for my second game of the year. The first was that amazing one against Baltimore. I'd be okay with a more subdued victory.

      1. I've been to three; one was Joe's first-ever walk-off homer. In another, I noticed I was sitting near Dread Pirate, and spent a couple innings with him. At the other, the Milkmaid and I froze our asses off while enjoying a lopsided loss.

      2. I believe I'll be there on Tuesday. I'll be sitting somewhere down the third base line. (I have only sat in my actual seats twice all year. Once, in the game spooky references.)

  5. Angels lose. Twins up by 2 games now. Taking the L for the Angels: Ricky Nolasco, who's salary is being partially paid by the Twins. Nice to see the Twins investing their payroll money wisely.

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