61 thoughts on “World Series Game 2: Astros at Dodgers and Wolves at Pistons”

  1. It's a game of inches after all. If those hat brims had been shorter this would be a larger lead for the Houstons.

  2. On the stovetop tonight: Guinness Stew because fall weather actually happened in New Orleans. (for now...)

  3. According to Fox, Verlander has never trailed in his 26 innings so far this postseason. He's the Doyle Alexander that's made a difference.

      1. Buck mentions it again that Verlander is trailing for the first time. But he came in as relief up 2-1 against the Red Sox and left down 3-2. I guess if you qualify it as a starter then sure, but the innings pitched in relief count too.

  4. I know they're showing more ads all the time, but ads in front of the player making the catch? Might be problematic.

  5. I just got back from rocking TLO. It was 3-1 when I went up, got back just in time to see 4-3 then 5-3.

  6. Laz Diaz gets nailed by the pickoff attempt behind 2nd. The throw would have put the winning run on third had it not hit him ... priceless.

  7. Well, shit. I recorded the game and added an hour to the recording length. It ran out with Kike at the plate in the 10th. Goddamn it.

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