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2024 Game Log 9 – Dodgers at Twins

Eight games means we are already five percent done with the 2024 season and what can we glean from those 8 games? The Twins ass bats are in full non-glory. Three hits yesterday and 18 straight outs to finish the game would normally be eyebrow raising, but unfortunately pretty much sums up the way the Twins have been hitting this year. Eight games is also practically the definition of SSS so hopefully a change is afoot.

Louie Varland back on the mound tonight hoping to build off an ok season debut. Tyler Glasnow for the Dodgers so Twins batters not getting a break (8 hits allowed this year while facing 66 batters).

Freealonzo's "Take it to the Credit Union" surefire winner: Parlay time! Ohtani HRs=2; Jose Miranda SO=2

First Pitch: 6:40p

2023 Game Log 43 – Twins at Dodgers

So an up and down night at Chavez Ravine Monday with poor starting pitching, a Twins team that battled back to take a late lead, crappy umpiring, and then a bullpen implosion. Hollywood is just down the way from the ballpark, it should take notes on the drama and villains from last night. Now the Twins have to bounce back with a depleted bullpen and a shot at Clayton Kershaw. Hopefully, Phil Cuzzi is no longer behind the plate and along the 3rd baseline where he belongs. (Narrator: Cuzzi in fact should not be along the 3rd base line either).

Bailey Ober on the mound for the Twins and he's done really well and making a case for staying up in the bigs. Thing I learned today: Bailey Ober is tall! He's listed at 6'9". Unfortunately for the Twins, Clayton Kershaw putting up great regular season numbers again. Perhaps we can use some Hollywood CGI magic and convince him today's outing is a playoff game.

First pitch at 9:10p Central and looks like a glorious night for baseball out in southern California.

2023 Game Log 42: Minnesota Twins and Los Angeles Dodgers

Hey, look at that, another free MLB.tv game! And our old friend Plouffe! will be in the booth the whole road trip.

The Twins walk into Dodger Stadium while the home team maintains a nine game win streak in their arena. On top of this, the Twins have lost ten(!) games in a row against the Dodgers.

Syndergaard is not at his best this season and López is at nearly half his ERA. While the Dodgers have decent pitching overall, let's hope the Twins can get to Noah early.

The Assbats® seem to have taken the weekend off, and hopefully they didn't make the trip out to LA.

2022 Game Log 109 – Twins at Dodgers

Another Tuesday another 2-game midweek series against an NL team. This time it's the Dodgers who are a MLB high 42 games over .500 after sweeping the Padres this past weekend. Julio Urias up for the Dodgers with his gaudy .99 WHIP, ERA under 3.00 and nearly a strikeout per inning. Joe Ryan for the Twins. Which Joe Ryan will be get? The guy who at times has been lights out or the one who gives up bombas at an unsustainable rate? Let's hope it's the former.

It's the start of a California road trip so get used to late starts. This one is at 9:10p.

Twins Lineup
DH - Buxton
SS - Correa
2B - Polanco
1B - Miranda
3B - Urshela
CF - Celestino
RF - Kepler
C - Leon
LF - Gordon