FMD 1/19/18: In Which I Tell You How Great The Okee Dokee Brothers Are

Look, if you've got kids, (and even if you don't) you should be listening to the Okee Dokee Brothers.

It took me years to get on the bandwagon, but now I'm just so solidly there. These two guys from Colorado who grew up together, and have been friends since they were like 5, just have something really special. They're Minnesota-based now, I assume because one of them went to SJU for college. So they've got that awesomeness going for them too.

They're way better than most children's music because they've got some real depth. Their music covers "trips" that they take (canoeing down the Mississippi, hiking the Appalachian trail, etc.), and the songs, history, culture, and thoughts they have along the way.

Anyway, go listen to them, would ya?

Now, you tell me: what should I really be listening to? Like, really, really be listening to? Also, drop lists if you've got 'em.

6 thoughts on “FMD 1/19/18: In Which I Tell You How Great The Okee Dokee Brothers Are”

  1. I've seen them live four times since the Valet was born, and they put on a good show. Everything about them is great.

  2. I've let the Okee-Dokees get irritating to me. Probably by letting them be overplayed. Beats most Kidzbop though.

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