67 thoughts on “Wild/Wolves playoffs catchall chat”

  1. So I heard there was a basketball game tonight? (One of the rare instances that a playoff game would take a backseat to a regular-season game.)

  2. I'm about to watch my first wolves game since the rose signing. I'm going to regret this, aren't I?

  3. Granlund with the nice pass there. I was sure it was going to be a shot straight at the goalie's middle.

    1. I suppose the long range shot going in against Dubs works too for disappointment.

    1. Yeah. They had a few minutes of offensive presence, but that just completely dried up.

  4. Wolves with a lead starting the 4th. Just like the Minnesota Sports Choke Gods like it.

      1. I don't even have the station, so I'm just updating the scoreboard periodically.

        Also, the Twins had a walk-off HR today, so even if everything else sportsing goes bad, it was a good sports day.

      2. ...with a meh detachment. No nerves at all.

        cheaps, read this as “with a meth attachment...” and wondered what I’d missed in your world.

        1. Heh, when I typed it I figured it would just look like I accidentally mashed the keyboard and forgot to fix it. Making it look like drug use wasn't something I expected, though. (No meth here).

  5. I cracked from the pressure. With 4:50 left I had to change the channel on the Wolves. I’ll come back in a couple of minutes. But I just can’t watch right now.

        1. It has kind of a game 163 feel to it.

          As I sit here and refresh a browser... So maybe not.

    1. I'll take Butler iso over a freaking two-man game with Teague and Gibson with the season on the line. Great coaching as always, Thibs.

    2. Worse than that was the previous possession where only Teague and Gibson touched the ball.

      1. What can you do, it isn't like you have a big man that can hit free throws and is shooting 67% from the field tonight.

  6. Did Thibs draw up that play for the Nuggets? That was an odd one.

    Let's see if there's a miracle in the cards for the finish.

  7. I gotta say, the last minutes of a close basketball game are even more tedious when you're just waiting for your browser to refresh.

    1. It's like waiting for John Lackey to pitch. I'm using Google's version because it automatically updates. But, there isn't much to update each time.

        1. There's a little notation that tells me the game is "live", but I'm starting to doubt that there's a pulse.

    1. I mean, not sure this roster would have much of a chance against the Rockets with a full tank.

  8. I believe this is the first time since the Wolves came into being that all four teams made the playoffs in one season (assuming you go by the season start rather than the year the playoffs happen).

      1. I did on my facebook comment to this effect! (Also the Superbowl and Minneapolis Miracle. Because good time to enjoy MN sports. We suffered long enough, let's at least acknowledge the good things.)

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