53 thoughts on “April 14, 2018: Whiteout”

    1. The Twins have played 11 games. The Angels play their 16th game today. The Mariners are also at 11 but they'll probably get their game in tonight.

  1. Well, so far we dodged the snowpocalype up here. 2 days ago they were forecasting 90% chance of snow with 8-12 inches probable. Yesterday morning they were saying 3-5 inches. As of now, we have nothing. Looks like the line was about 5 miles south of here. Not to rub it in, but very happy not to have to pick up the shovel this morning.

      1. Yes, I have staff who live down there and couldn't get into work last night. I guess you drive 3 miles north of Glenwood, and there is zero snow. Weird.

        1. The judge in Glenwood was teasing my MnDOT client at a hearing recently. "You guys have posted signs all over saying, 'Road construction beginning April 9.' Now I see the same signs saying, 'Road construction beginning mid-April.' Do you even have any idea when this construction will start?"

    1. We mostly dodged it, too. We got about three inches, a far cry from the foot or more they were predicting early in the week. There are parts of South Dakota that got (and are still getting) hit pretty hard, though.

  2. Bought my new TV from Spooky yesterday. Thanks! I went with the "Will Young" edition. I don't do homework. I just copy the work of others.

    I have a question for Spooky/others with more technical knowledge than me. I have an older AV Receiver. 2 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output. Right now, I have the cable box and the BluRay player in the inputs and the TV (via the HDMI/ARC from the TV) in the output. HDMI into the TV from the cable box works fine. How do I get audio from the TV to play through the receiver. Is there a way to get the receiver to recognize that there is audio coming in through the HDMI out? If not, is there another solution using that HDMI/ARC? I have that HDMI going through the wall so I prefer using just the one HDMI cord, if possible.

      1. I'm afraid that might be my best option. The problem is that I have the cord dangling down from the TV with that option. And my optical cord was damaged and didn't work so I'd have to brave the snow to go get a new one.

        1. Back when I had a receiver, I always connected my devices to the HDMI ports on the TV (didn't have much choice anyway since my receiver was pre-HDMI). Then connected the audio from the TV onto the receiver. I got a shroud to cover all the cables.

    1. The audio should be coming from your video sources, so it should be coming from the cable box and BluRay player, so you just need to switch the receiver to whichever HDMI input you are using.

      1. It's a smart tv so I want to watch the tv without going through the cable box or BluRay, and have the audio go through the stereo.

        1. Yeah, we have the two audio sources from the TV and DVD; the receiver can tell (after a second or so) where the source is from for the audio so that's at least one remote button Mrs. Runner doesn't have to try remember. Wish the receiver had HDMI though.

        2. Our TV has a digital audio output that goes to a soundbar, so I don't know if that's an option. If you want a temporary fix until you can get an optical cable, your TV should have a headphones jack, so if you have a 3.5mm cable, you can possibly connect it that way to the receiver.

          1. Using HDMI with ARC integrates the two better so you only need one cable and one remote. Optical is already an option (see above) but it's inferior in terms of usability.

    1. Mother nature had a 0.00 ERA so far this year. Seems sustainable, too, because she also had a 0.00 FIP.

  3. I would rather have Dick n Bert than the Colorado Rockies announcers. They sound bored with this game, and its been a good one!

  4. I'm watching GS dismantle the Spurs and Pop just had a "why the hell did I sign Rudy Gay" look on his face.

  5. I'm making chicken biryani in the IP tonight. The grocery store had a family pack of bone - in skin - on thighs for $4. The extra effort to take the skin off and get the bone out is so with it for chicken bacon.

    1. Grilled Mako Shark with grilled pineapple salsa and forbidden black rice pilaf. Fresh Shark flown in yesterday from Honolulu.

  6. The jalapeño's outdoor baseball practices were scheduled to begin the first week of April. Those were all canceled and the team started indoor practice last week. Today his indoor practice was . . . also canceled.

  7. If you have Instagram and like soccer, NBCSN's Rebecca Lowe is a must follow. Her feed is delightful!

    1. At first I read that as "Instapot and soccer" but I guess that would probably work too! 🙂

  8. If this storm happened in the middle of winter, I think people would still talk about it, there is a heck of a lot of snow out there! Thigh high drifts right outside the apartment door.

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