52 thoughts on “Game 39: Cardinals @ Twins”

      1. I saw it come up when I searched the existing uploads for "cardinal" and it put a smile on my face. My 3 year old niece would be on cloud 9 seeing that many redbirds in one place.

  1. Kinda looks like we have Mediocre Lynn on the mound today. Oh, wait, that's the only one we have.

    "Mediocre" would be a vast improvement over what we've gotten so far.

  2. Lynn is looking like a rehash of Ricky Nolasco (though at least on a better contract for it).

      1. Same. I think I'm on record here as being pro-the-Lynn-signing. But yeesh, Angel Hernandez is even trying to help him out with a giant strike zone and he's still walked half the Cardinals dang 25-man roster today.

        1. I was very pro, considering the contract they got him for and the fact that he's a reasonably young pitcher an extra year removed from Tommy John, but man....just ugly.

          1. I anticipated a much worse score when I saw this thread. I should be happy its just 3 runs, I take it?

    1. If it was me, I wouldn't wait. Aaron Slegers has done everything he can in Rochester to show he deserves a chance. i'd sooner run him out there next time than to see any more of Lance Lynn. Send Lynn to the bullpen and see if he can get himself straightened out.

        1. Is there anything in the rules about wearing skates on your hands for that? Firstbase coach could have a few sets for the slow runners.

  3. Morrison bunts against the shift, but didn't hit it far enough. It was still sort of close at first.

      1. Good point. I almost complained about him doing it last night until I realized it wasn't him.

    1. I heard in addition to strikeouts, walks and hit by pitches are up this year as well. I hope I don't have to tell my grandkids that back in my day, balls were put in the field of play, sometimes even in the infield.

  4. Nice DP. All 3 players had to make an adjustment. Dozier had to pick the in-between hop, Petit had to jump in the air to get over the baserunner before throwing and LoMo had to reach high to catch the ball and make sure he got his foot on the bag. All that becomes even more important with the ensuing double.

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