39 thoughts on “June 19, 2018: Crows”

    1. I just mentioned that vacuum to my wife, we just took out some carpet and the amount of dust and dog hair settling on the floor is much more obvious. I don't really want to be mopping/dusting/vacuuming every day.

      What kind of surface is it cleaning for you?

      1. Hardwood and typical carpet. So far it's been working fine, although there are a couple transitions between rooms that while it crosses them fine, I think it keeps it in the room longer than it needs to be. Also, we don't run it when the dog's around 😉

        It's not too loud, and works well unattended (once shoelaces, charging cords, sandals, and indoor plants have been accounted for)

    2. Oh, a Robotic Vacuum.
      I was wondering why you had a filthy robot that was so sensitive you couldn't just get an accessory for a regular vacuum.

      1. Neither Phil's nor my record has been accepted. That takes time (like getting the records committee to meet, which maybe happens annually). No reason they shouldn't be though.
        What was your record? If it was a flamingo, waterfowl, parrot, or flashy songbird, provenance may be hard to prove. (Those four are commonly escapees from captivity.)

  1. On Mackey and Judd this morning they had a fun discussion about sporting venues or events that are on your bucket list. Here are mine:

    Dodger Stadium
    PNC Park
    AT&T Park

    Rosebowl (with Gophers Playing)
    Knicks at MSG

    Craven Cottage
    F.A. Cup final at Wembley
    Camp Nou for an El Clasico
    Estadio Azteca v. USMNT

    Kentucky Derby

    1. Fenway's pretty cool, and a person should definitely check out Petco.

      I'd love to see PNC and AT&T parks.

      I'd also love to see Wembley (wouldn't really matter to me if I was seeing a show there or a sporting event).

      MSG would also be a must.

      But the big one is Wrigley, and I'll be ticking that one off the list (alongside my dad) in a week and a half when we road trip to see the Twins play there.

        1. Friday. We were thinking of going to Saturday, but it's early, so if we wanted to drive straight there, we'd have to leave home at, like 3am.

      1. I'm actually going to be in Boston on the Sunday the Twins are there but my flight lands too late to catch the game.

    2. My baseball ballpark bucket list:

      Pittsburgh (MLB)
      San Francisco (MLB)
      Hanshin Koshien Stadium
      Albuquerque Isotopes Park
      Estadio Latinoamericano (Havana)
      Estadio de Beisbol Monterrey
      Moscow State University
      Rickwood Field
      Hinchliffe Stadium
      Sydney Cricket Ground

  2. Elvis Costello at Northrop Presale

    Tickets are pretty spendy, but if interested.

    Thu, Nov 15, 8:00 pm

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