30 thoughts on “2018 National League Division Series Game: Games 1”

    1. I was actually mildly impressed by both ESPN crews for the Rockies game. Admittedly, the Cubs aren't quite as high on their love list, now that the goat curse is broken.

      1. I made that comment after JP Morosi's inane prattle about his MVP vote, but overall they've been very sub par.

        Agreed about ESPN, although ARod kept doing annoying things with his voice and his speech pattern.

  1. I hate moustakas even more now that I know it gives the people of Wisconsin another white guy to make an elongated oooo sound at.

  2. Holy crap, I just realized how incredibly unlikable the AL playoff teams (outside of Houston) are.

  3. I tend to agree with the announcer here. Take the double play, give up the tie.

    Not that Arenado is likely to hit a ground ball

      1. It's amazing, I couldn't imagine having it down for even one full day. Remember when we never had it at all?

  4. Well that play was stupid on two levels. Like, the first baseman totally had time to just step in first once he landed.

  5. Geez, I didn't realize Milwaukee turned into the 2012 Royals. Now I'm really rooting for Colorado.

      1. Yeah, I actually have no problem with him and he was involved in the greatest mlb game I've been to when he was with Detroit. It just reminds me of moustakas and Hosmer, though.

  6. I’m just want to box up Cheaptoy’s comments above and look at them whenever I need a chuckle.

    Also Boooostakas!!!

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