Friday Music Day: 10/12/18

This week's music discovery: Locust Fudge, an early-90's alternative group from Germany, half of which was Dirk Dresselhaus, the man who would later record as Schneider TM. Their first two albums would have fit nicely between the Beck and Sonic Youth albums released at the time (1993 and 1995). Their third album was released last month. I've mostly listened to "Relativity Check" as the title sounds close to the Schneider TM hit "Reality Check", and as Schneider TM recorded it solo a few years back for a soundtrack. For more cred, I'll mention that J. Mascis plays guitar on the first track! I totally would have been into this band when those first two albums came out if they had been on a DGC records compilation or similar.

13 thoughts on “Friday Music Day: 10/12/18”

  1. 1. Ozomatli “O Le Le” Ozomatli
    2. Simon & Garfunkel “Save the Life of My Child” Bookends
    3. Low “Monkey (Original Album Version)” Tonight the Monkeys Die
    4. Sia “Fire Meet Gasoline” 1000 Forms of Fear
    5. Eric Copeland “Grapes” Joke in the Hole

    6. Prince “The Cross” Sign '☮' the Times
    7. Black Dice “Pinball Wizard” Mr. Impossible
    8. Julien Baker “Funeral Pyre” Funeral Pyre 7"
    9. Mix Master Mike “Electrocute” Anti-Theft Device
    T. Animal Collective “Fireworks” Strawberry Jam

  2. 01. "Hardest Geometry Problem In The World" – Mark MothersbaughRushmore
    02. "Wheels" – The Flying Burrito BrothersThe Gilden Palace of Sin
    03. "I Want Candy" – m.c. chrisAqua Teen Hunger Force
    04. "Intern" – Angel OlsenMy Woman
    05. "Apathy's Last Kiss" – Smashing PumpkinsToday
    06. "Lace Skull" – Hiatus KaiyoteTawk Tomahawk
    07. "Snakeface" – Throwing MusesUniversity
    08 "Serve The Servants" – NirvanaIn Utero
    09. "お天気娘" – つじあやの CALENDAR CALENDAR
    10. "Bali Ha'l" – Werner MullerHawaiian Swing

  3. So Guided By Voices has been touring all year practically with no Minnesota dates. But I've been patient. The Twin Towns have been good to Pollard and company, and I knew they'd make it here. Just when doubts started to creep in they announce a December 30 show. This should be a classic 3 hour, 60 song tour de GBV and and nice way to end what has been a trying year. Tickets now available if you want to join me. Plus I got an extra, not sure who's I'm going to bring yet. But I have time.

  4. I meant to mention this in my own post, but never did. As it's over, I can name the following as my official Albums Of The Summer:

    -Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy
    -Janelle Monáe - Dirty Computer
    -Superorganism - Superorganism

    1. I'd say my three have been:

      * Beach House - 7 (for unknown reasons. It's not like I've been sitting lazily on the porch or beside a fire during the evenings at all this summer, and it seems like that's the type of setup that this music would be best for)
      * Soccer Mommy - Clean (Sort of sneaked up on me. I loved "Your Dog" from the first listen, but the rest of the album took some time to grow on me. I guess I kept forgetting to skip to something else after I was done listening to the one song)
      * Parquet Courts - Wide Awake (I've never really given these guys much of a chance, but the title track is a jam (my son agrees with me), and the rest of the album is pretty great, too)

      But now, mewithoutYou's new album, [untitled] has come out, and that's definitely my fall jam.

      1. I liked 7 a lot more than I thought I would. I've gone through Clean a few times and know I should go back to it. Haven't caught up to the newest Parquet Courts yet.

        Should mention a close runner-up for my list would be the new U.S. Girls.

    2. Oh, hi, I currently have "Everybody Wants to Be Famous" stuck in my head and it's not even because of this here post.

  5. 1. The Unicorn--The Irish Rovers
    2. Wonderful World--Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon, and James Taylor
    3. Alone Again, Naturally--Gilbert O'Sullivan
    4. I Need You--America
    5. Return to Pooh Corner--Kenny Loggins
    6. Baker Street--Gerry Rafferty
    7. Race Among the Ruins--Gordon Lightfoot
    8. The Sound of Silence--Simon & Garfunkel
    9. Daniel--Elton John
    10. Your Smiling Face--James Taylor

  6. Freedom - Wham!
    War on War - Wilco
    I Saw the Light - Todd Rundgren
    7:30AM - Slothrust
    Diggin Up Bones - Randy Travis

    Ace of Spades - Motorhead
    Kiss Me Deadly - Lita Ford
    It Takes Time - JT and the Gunslingers
    She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals
    Hi Hi Hi - Wings

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