21 thoughts on “May 13, 2019: Jimmy”

  1. I bailed in the third quarter because it looked like Toronto was starting to roll over and I didn't want to see Butler or Embiid happy. I guess I should have stuck with it.

  2. Looks like I may have an extra Twins ticket for tonight. One of the $5.00 seats. I'm just going to hang out at various points along the rails to watch the game. Let me know if interested. Berrios pitching, Mike Trout in the house. Nice weather.

  3. Aquinas had his first baseball game of the season last night. First year for kid-pitch. Struck out on 3 pitches (all swinging strikes, 2 of which would have been called if he'd not swung) the first time up, hit the ball pretty well his next time up, driving in a run, but was out on the fielder's choice. Still, for him, making contact was a win (he's just not an athletic kid), so that was cool for me.

    The real take away from the night though was that two of the older kids (two of the best players too) were giving him a hard time when they were all on the bench together one half inning. "Why do you use big words?" one of them asked, "Yeah. I use short words," said the other. And then the two older kids agreed that using short words was superior to using big words.

    I had to laugh when he described this scene to me. It couldn't be more cliche, right?

    "The only people intimidated by big words," I advised him, "are those who aren't intelligent, know they're not intelligent, and hate being confronted by that fact."
    He thought about it for a second.
    "So I guess this means I've got an advantage over them?"
    "Yes," I confirmed, "but you can't be mean about it."

    1. Oh my.

      That reminds me of a blind date I had where I ordered Roquefort dressing with my salad and my date said, "What's with you and all these big words?" I was literally just reading off the menu.

      And then I had an occupational therapist rip into me for using the word "finite" in a sentence. I told her it was the opposite of "infinite." She told me to stop being condescending with my language.

      1. I was once told by a co-worker that I was the most condescending person he had ever met.

        My reply was, "You don't know what that word means, do you?"

        1. This is killing me. Did the co-worker not know, were you being condescending, or BOTH?

      2. Reminds me of the Kids in the Hall bit "ascertain". Tried to find the video, but it has been removed from multiple sources on you tube.

      3. Guessing that "infinity" now is well ensconced in modern vocabularies, at least when paired with "stones," "gauntlet," "war," or "and beyond."

      4. Ran into the couple from the Grand Casino ads that run non-stop on Fox Sports North. When I asked them what it's like to be in such a ubiquitous commercial one thing's for sure- they have no idea what "ubiquitous" means.— Michael McGivern (@McGive_It_To_Me) May 12, 2019

    2. I have a distinct memory from about 2nd grade of some older kids at my elementary school trying to bully me because I liked to read. I mostly remember thinking that it was weird.

      Fortunately for me, I was always big and athletic. Big, athletic kids don't get teased or bullied a lot for using their brains.

      Sounds like you and he have a handle on the sitch. Good luck.

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