Game 44: Twins at Mariners

So May 17th is a somewhat infamous day in Twins history. The way I see it, every year that they don't add to bad history is a win. And a win is like a double win.

The Twins'll pitch Perez against the Mariner's Marco Gonzales, who has been pretty solid this year. Hopefully they'll get to him early, so, like last night, folks can go to bed in the confidence that the bullpen will hold on.

Here's hoping for a double win!

30 thoughts on “Game 44: Twins at Mariners”

  1. Watching the end of the Red Sox/Astros game, and yeah... It would've been nice to have had this version of Ryan Pressly.

  2. I fell asleep listening to the radio in the ninth last night. No guarantees against a repeat performance, particularly given the contentment brought on by a couple bowls of bright, peppery fish chowder with sweet peas. It was perfect on a damp, cool spring evening.

  3. That pitch count...we're going to be leaning on the bullpen. Glad that's after bedtime

    Still don't like Edwin Encarnacion.

    That was an ad about Twins tickets.

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