94 thoughts on “2019 Game 107: Minnesota Twin at Miami Marlins”

        1. While Miami is hot garbage (yeah, jetes!), Berrios's stuff has looked disgusting tonight.

          1. Yeah, you would hate to see a guy with stuff like this start a playoff game, am I right?

  1. I gotta wonder how much of a pizza wasteland some of these places are that voted pizza ranch as best pizza.

    1. Seriously. I mean, it's better than Pizza Hut and Little Caesars, but it's not even in my top 3 of pizza places that advertise on TV let alone all pizza joints

        1. We have a local church who's mens group built a brick pizza oven out side on their property. Every Wednesday they host a charity and give $5 from each $15 pizza sold to that charity. We went tonight to support our high school girls hockey team. It was very good pizza. They guy running the oven told me they were over 200 pizzas sold already at 7. Otherwise, in this town, we are a bit of a pizza wasteland.

          1. I would build my own brick pizza oven, but I'd have to run weekly charity feeds too to justify heating the damn thing up. What's the sense in getting your oven up to 1,000 deg. or so for one or two pies?

            1. My wife has shot down my wood-fired brick oven several times. I mean, she's right, it's a waste, but I wanna make bread outside.

      1. and... I just had dill pickle on my pizza at the charity event mentioned above. Good stuff!

              1. I am definitely not from around here. We were just talking here at the office the other day that I have no idea how to say that.

                I have no idea if it's MAH-toe-med-ee or mah-toe-MED-ee, or neither.

                1. Do you two not know about stressed and unstressed syllables? Having grown up in a town adjacent, we always said: MAH-tuh-ME-die.

                  Video clip with pronunciation:

              2. ha! Some of us Minnesotans in the NW corner could just as well be in another state. I've never known how to say it, yet I can say Winnibigoshish or Mahnomen in my sleep.

                  1. I'm going to Ada next Thursday. And I have a jury trial scheduled in Mahnomen for January.

          1. I bought a bacon cheeseburger frozen pizza last week (Pep's Drafthouse. It was quite possibly the best frozen pizza I've ever had,) Put some homemade dill pickles on it and it was just amazing.

            1. I've grown to love bacon cheeseburger pizzas. Most places don't have them, but you can improvise with some pickles. Papa Murphy's used to have one with a hamburger sauce instead of a marinara and it was great.

    2. Pizza Ranch pizza is, in the words of Kevin Malone, like eating a hot circle of garbage

    3. Missed this conversation. We live in one such pizza wasteland. There is Pizza Ranch and the gas station to choose from. I guess I'd give the edge to Pizza Ranch?

      We eat a lot of frozen pizza.

  2. Dang it! I was literally coming on line to predict Eddie. I guess Polanca will join the bomba parade.

  3. Is anyone going to go to the Twins Hall of Fame induction game just to see Jerry Bell?

  4. Lost in all of this trade deadline lunacy is that by trading Ryne Stanek, we probably lost our chance of seeing a player start 40 games in a season for the first time in thirty years.

  5. Poppen should be sent down before the end of the game if he forces Rogers to have to pitch.

    1. Let the Indians find out how it feels to win a hard-fought game and not gain in the standings.

    2. With Some Guy going tonight for the Astros this was the game they were most likely to lose anyway, sandwiched between Verlander last night and Cole vs. Salazar For the First Time in Two Years tomorrow.

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