2019 Game 119: Twins at Brewers

After a lousy homestand, the Twins back on the road with a 2-game series against the Brewers. This is the part of the write up where I would complain about MLB scheduling two mid-week games against our natural NL rival and how stupid it is, but I've been beaten down. Obviously MLB doesn't care and we will experience the same next year as well. Whatever MLB.

Chase Anderson on the mound for the Brewers as the Twins get to face the back end of the rotation. Anderson has been decent this year with a 5-2 record and 3.70 ERA. He gets just under 1 strikeout per inning. Twins bats should get to him. Talking about the back end of the rotation, Twins put up Martin Perez who has been downright awful lately. Probably the only reason he's still in the starting rotation is that Miguel Perez is still hurt.

Game at 7:10p Should be an interesting match up and a couple of games that would be nice to win.

Twins Lineup
CF Kepler
C Garver
SS Polanco
LF Rosario
3B Sano
2B Arraez
1B Cron
RF Gonzalez
P Perez

137 thoughts on “2019 Game 119: Twins at Brewers”

  1. A Perez start? Ngghhhhh. I hope he proves me wrong, but I don't expect to stick with this one super long.

        1. You may be right, but I'd think a manager would do it more late in the year, especially when you're in a tight race and every game seems so important.

  2. Red Sox up 4-1 in the 5th.

    Scoreboard watching in August. I'm going to get an ulcer by October

    1. As long as the Twins are in first or near first, I do it from Game 1. I don't care. It's been pretty rare the last decade that it mattered what other teams were doing. Or even what the Twins were doing.

  3. I wish someone would tell Attaboy that it's okay for him to stop talking once in a while.

  4. Perez's control has been bad, but at least the Brewers have only squared up on one ball all game. Cutter must be moving better today

    1. Seriously. It seems like Cleveland is lining up everyone when they're at their worst.

  5. Alright, while I don't feel I owe him an apology, this had been Perez's best start in literally forever.

    1. Best start since July 17 by game score. The walks drag down the score though. Going by just runs, best start since May 17. That was the last time he gave up only one run and it took the Mariners to happen.

      1. Through 7, that game was basically a carbon copy of this one. Perez pitches well through 6 and reliever gives up 3-run HR in 7th to blow the lead. Fortunately, the rest of the bullpen decided not to meltdown today.

    1. The timing is... brutal. I'm trying to tell myself there's a lot of season left.

      A week ago, Sano hit a walk-off HR as Cleveland blew a chance to go ahead, putting the Twins up by 4 games. Nothing has gone the Twins' way since then. What a swing.

      1. That final day of the season when the Red Sox got walked off by the O's at the same time Dan Johnson (and then Longoria) saved the Rays was much more enjoyable having no stakes.

  6. To be honest, I'm not mad or upset. I'm just that much closer to losing interest completely.

    1. Me three. However I did just buy a mess of tickets for the home closer, so I gotta stay connected I guess.

              1. Possibly also in addition to the Miller Park reaction for his first appearance of the season. There's a whole lot of shitiness surrounding this guy.

                1. Ding Ding Ding. Applauding racism and homophobia* somehow rubs me the wrong way.

                  *He claims to no longer hold those views, and I have no reason to disbelieve him. Still, the fans embraced him way way way too quickly.

      1. They were talking up about how Hader has been getting hit hard when he gets hit, especially on his fastball.

    1. So yeah, I had left. I had a crappy day at work so I was in the perfect place to bail on the worst timed home run of the season. This was me this morning, though:

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