2019 World Series Game 6

Game 6 back at Houston. Normally this would be good news for Houston but in this world series the home team has lost every game. Does that continue today or is there a regression to the normal and Houston wins this one and the World Series? Strasburg vs. Verlander so should be a doozy of a pitching match-up.

First Pitch at 7:07p on Fox.

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    1. Not to make excuses for MLB umpires, but I will say this--they're a whole lot better than NFL or major college referees.

        1. Can't blame you for that. It would be nice to have some announcers in the post-season who actually sounded as if they like baseball.

          1. I've come to the conclusion over the years that Joe Buck likes baseball. But he doesn't LOVE baseball. I'd prefer World Series announcers who breathe baseball every second of their lives.

            1. I'll agree with that. It makes me think of John Gordon. He had plenty of flaws as a broadcaster, but his love and enthusiasm for the game were so obvious that it made it a lot easier to forgive those flaws.

  1. You know what's super useless? Showing Rendon's stats in five games against probably the best team ever assembled and comparing it to his regular season stats.

  2. Buck mentioned the Astros could win MVP, Cy Young, and ROY. I scanned back through the awards and I didn't find one team sweeping the awards so this would be the first.

        1. Verducci said most of the delay was determining whether there was a rules infraction or not. They determined no, it was a judgment call on interference and the umpire's call stood. Nationals lodged a protest and it was denied because you can't protest a judgment call.

  3. I have only watched about 40% of the action in the series, but about 80% of the time they have gotten screwed by the boys in blue.

  4. Does Strasburg start the eighth with 95 pitches? He's gone 110+ before and have a three run lead but it's the middle of the order.

        1. In truth I think even if he opts out he'll end up back in Washington, but I threw that in since it's technically possible.

          1. I don't see why he wouldn't opt out, especially after this post season. But he might be very happy in Washington, so... we can dream.

  5. Greinke vs. Scherzer tomorrow. I wonder how many Game 7s of the WS featured pitchers that had each won at least 1 Cy Young. Scherzer has 3 and Greinke 1, although he probably should have 2.

    1. I think this is the first matchup of Cy Young winners in Game 7 since 1960 when the Pirates' Vern Law faced off against the Yankees' Bob Turley, although Law didn't know he had won the Cy Young yet since he won in 1960 and they don't announce those till after the World Series. I don't think there's any matchup of Cy Young winners from previous years.

      1. I think you are correct on this. There have been some close calls and the two game 7 match ups that stick in my mind (from years I watched) are 2001 (Schilling vs Clemens) and 1985 (Tudor vs Saberhagen). Schilling finished second in Cy Young voting twice to teammate Randy Johnson. Tudor had one of the most dominate second half's in modern history in 1985 and unfortunately for him, Doc Gooden was even more dominate for the entire season. It is a bit odd that there are not more big time match ups in game 7's. I have a feeling that many times teams throw everything at the wall in game 6 to either close out or extend a series.

  6. This was a pretty fun game to watch (at least the last 5 innings that I was able to see). So much drama. I gotta say Rendon's ding dong after the controversial call at first base was just cold blooded. Typically it seems that a call like that changes the trajectory of a game. I was worried that the long half inning (and the shenanigans in between) would affect Strasburg, but he just got better and better. Kind of feel bad for Verlander, who is now 0-6. I am sure MLB slept a little better last night knowing that Rendon took the umps off the hook after that call. A half day later, I am unsure what to make of that call. The rule book just seems a little vague. I think that is a tough call for the umpire to make at such a crucial juncture in the game. I would almost like to see them clean up that ruling. Maybe something like at the halfway point to first base the runner must be partially in foul territory as they run to and through first base. I think the runner should not be penalized for a fielder throwing the ball behind his back, and in fact players are actually taught to throw the ball at the runners back in that situation. Overall, a fun game last night and I can't wait to see what tonight brings.

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