FMD 4/17/2020: Pick Me Up

This quarantine thing got you down? Self isolation giving you the blues? Have you thought "hey, now's the time to try growing facial hair?" only to realize it looks pretty awful?

Don't worry. Be Happy!

There's always music to pick you up!

List or share your best pick-me-up songs, random 10's, musical thoughts, complaints about your hideous new goatee, or whatever!

44 thoughts on “FMD 4/17/2020: Pick Me Up”

    1. Sounds awesome. Gave it a few spins already. Record doesn't ship until June!

      1. Yeah, I really liked it after one spin. It's kind of Hi-Fi lo-fi, if that makes any sense? Like, the arrangements have oomph, even though they're recorded in a sparse, bare bones way.

  1. Back in the day I used to make mixed tapes for Elaine. Some songs were her suggestions, some were mine. In 2006, she had a bad year. Dog, Brother, Dad all died within 3 months of each other and health issues were cropping up more. She asked for a mixed tape with all these sad gloomy songs. But I threw out that list and created one that I called "Have a Nice Day!!"

    1. Bad Days - Flaming Lips
    2. Glad Girls - Guided By Voices
    3. Radiation Vibe - Fountains of Wayne
    4. Heroes - David Bowie
    5. Give Paris One More Chance - Jonathan Richman
    6. My Best Friend - Weezer
    7. She's So High - Tai Bachman
    8. She's Happy - Gear Daddies
    9. I'm Going to Make You Love Me - Jayhawks
    10. Wonderwall - Oasis
    11. You're My Best Friend - Queen
    12. Good Thing - Bodeans
    13. Let's Spend the Night Together - The Rolling Stones
    14. Rhinestone Cowboy - Soul Asylum
    15. Beautiful Day - U2
    16. Squeeze Box - The Who
    17. Closer to Free - The Bodeans
    18. Mayor of Simpleton - XTC
    19. Good Riddance - Green Day
    20. I'm in Love with a Girl - Big Star
    21. As Long as the Grass Shall Grow - Johnny Cash

  2. * Grass - Weaves - Wide Open
    * Juicy Socks - Cherry Glazerr - Stuffed and Ready
    * Waitress - Hop Along - Painted Shut
    * Look at Your Hands - Tune-Yards - I can feel you creep into my private life
    * I Know You - Faye Webster - (self-titled)

    * Cool - Soccer Mommy - Clean
    * Commuter Rage - Painted Zeros - Commuter Rage
    * Cream - Mannequin Pussy - Patience
    * 2,459 Miles - mewithoutYou - [Untitled]
    * Rare Thing - Frances Quinlan - Likewise

  3. 1. Part of the Plan--Dan Fogelberg
    2. Summer's Here--James Taylor
    3. The Name of the Game--ABBA
    4. El Condor Pasa--Siimon and Garfunkel
    5. Daylight Katie--Gordon Lightfoot
    6. You Never Even Call Me By My Name--David Allan Coe
    7. Let the Mystery Be--Iris DeMent
    8. Kodachrome--Paul Simon
    9. Year of the Cat--Al Stewart
    10. Almost Like a Song--Ronnie Milsap

  4. Angel Eyes - Jeff Healey Band
    Lady Madonna - The Beatles
    Judy In Disguise - John Fred & His Playboy Band
    Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry
    The Jack - AC/DC

    Aint Wastin Time No More - Allman Brothers
    Blue Orchid - White Stripes
    One - Metallica
    Bitter Tears - INXS
    1979 - Smashing Pumpkins

    This clip of Cheap Trick playing "Aint That A Shame" makes me happy

    1. I took my 13 year old son to see Cheap Trick last year at Mystic Lake. He really got into At Budokan. When they opened with "Hello There", he had the biggest grin on his face. When they announced they were about done but hadn't played "Surrender" or "I Want You to Want Me", you should have seen his look of disappointment! I had to explain to him how encores work.

      1. Thats a good story.

        Im not much of a concert goer, but I do think back and kick myself for not seeing them in Mankato a few years ago.

  5. 1. Palace Brothers “I Am a Cinematographer”* Days in the Wake
    2. Aphex Twin “4” Richard D. James Album
    3. Boards of Canada “Wildlife Analysis” Music Has the Right to Children
    4. Ha Ha Tonka “Arkansas” Heart-Shaped Mountain
    5. Destiny's Child “Jumpin' Jumpin'”* The Writing's on the Wall

    6. Kanye West “Hey Mama” Late Registration
    7. Andy Stott “Promises” It Should Be Us
    8. The Knife “Heartbeats” Deep Cuts
    9. Fever Ray “Falling (Live)” Live at Troxy*
    E. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy with Thomas A. Minor and the Picket Line “So Everyone” Funtown, Jeffersontown KY 7/26/2008 (Bootleg)

    1. This is a family favorite in the pepped-up "Greatest Palace Music" version. This sounds like it could be the four-track hotel-room demo of that.
    5. After their previous singles "No No No" and "Bills Bills Bills", this eased them out of all their singles' titles being one word repeated trice. No future single's title had one word even appear a second time.
    9. Still not really feeling anything the Knife or Fever Ray did since the first Fever Ray album, but I thought it'd be worth giving her another chance (also, this album has live versions of songs from Fever Ray).

    1. I dunno, there were parts of Plunge that I liked (though it's a vastly inferior album) and I straight up enjoyed Shaking the Habitual.

  6. The quarantine beard is coming in nicely...

    01. "The Pilgraming Vine" – Busia BulatOh, My Darling
    02. "John S." – Sonny RollinsThe Bridge
    03. "AM" – Marika HackmanI'm Not Your Man
    04. "For Light" – Jay SomEverybody Works
    05. "Cyprus Avenue" – Van MorrisonAstral Weeks
    06. "First Love-Late Spring" – MitskiBury Me At Make Out Creek
    07. "Street Fighter" – Frank Oceannostalgia, ULTRA
    08. "You Wouldn't Like Me" – The BethsFuture Me Hates Me
    09. "Half Colored Hair" – Black Belt Eagle ScoutAt The Party With All My Brown Friends
    10. "Shithole" – WeavesWeaves

    1. Oooh, I haven't listened to The Beths in a little while. In ye olden days when the everyone used to leave the house on weekday mornings, I'd be the last one out. So after everyone else was gone, Future Me Hates Me was one of my favorites to blast as I finished getting ready.

            1. Well worth clicking on, then. The tune rocks and vid is cute and clever, just like the band. And again it looks like they spent about a hundred bucks in it.

    1. I foolishly ignored Sterolab until about a year ago. Been on heavy rotation since I finally gave them an honest chance.

      1. I only really got into them maybe two years ago when a friend who has pretty impeccable taste convinced me I was missing out. Man, was he right.

          1. lol

            That’s hilarious. It was the same guy (Jim the Bellman. ) I think I got two of them back then. We’ll say “some years” years later he said I needed all of them. Still not there, but I think I’m up to 7 now.

            1. And for the record, I worked with Jim for 14 years at the Hilton. Loves music just as much as me. Had a nice running music conversation with him through the years.

          2. The Sterolab Essential Songs list on Apple Music is top notch. I haven’t dug into individual albums however.

  7. Let's see if I can do this, it's been a while and I don't want to type. From an algorithm...

  8. 1. Millennium For All - John K. Sampson
    2. Farewell Transmission - Magnolia Electric Co.
    3. Sequestered in Memphis - Hold Steady
    4 Life in Vain - Built to Spill
    5. Random Rules - Silver Jews
    6. Sleepwalkin - Better Obilvion Community Center
    7. Festival Song - Jeff Rosenstock
    8. What a Time to be Alive - Superchunk
    9. Chinatown - Jets to Brazil
    10. Going to Georgia - The Mountain Goats

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