26 thoughts on “December 2, 2020: The Center Cannot Hold”

      1. Went to Arecibo in P.R. probably 15-20 years ago. Karsts. Cool tour.

        Walking around the facility there was an office with an astronomer sitting in her office. I stuck my head in.

        Me: "Quick question?"
        Astronomer: "Sure."
        Me: "I've heard some stuff about the magnetic poles of the Earth changing every ~100K years. Zat so?"
        She: "Yep. Going to happen again, soonly."
        Me: "Wha??"
        She: "Yah, the orienting signatures of magnetic particles in cooling lava flows at the seabeds of the ocean show this happens cyclically in geologic history. We're due for another flop, and about now."
        Me: "What happens if I'm flying in a plane, and the compass suddenly flips.
        She: "Dunno."

    1. If he is leaving the Twins, I'll miss him. That's not to say whether it's a good move or not, but he's an exciting player and gave us some good moments (and of course some frustrating ones as well). Good luck to him.

  1. More meat raffles

        1. contrast that with the 2 years, $15 million the Mets apparently are giving Trevor May. Duffman had better outcomes and faced higher-leverage situations than did May last season, albeit SSST because of the shortened season.

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