2021 Game Logs 11 & 12: Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins

Game 1:
Nathan Eovaldi
Kenta Maeda

Arraez - 3B
Polanco - 2B
Cruz - DH
Kepler - RF
Astudillo - 1B
Kirilloff - LF
Cave - CF
Jeffers - C
Riddle - SS

Game 2:
Eduardo Rodriguez
José Berríos

Two seven-inning games. Still not a fan of those post-2020.

Twins have dropped the last three and risk falling below .500 since Game 2. Maeda and Berríos are the two starters you'd want pitching to end that streak. I hope the bullpen takes the day off because really, they aren't helping.

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  1. No word on why Buxton’s out of the lineup? I’m hoping it’s just a half day of rest, but I saw a few other players are undergoing contact tracing.

    1. Marney says everyone who has been connected via contact tracing to Simmons has tested negative. So presumably that rules out Buxton & Sanó.

  2. Kind of lucky to get out of that with only 3 runs, considering the way it started. Not sure how this lineup scores 3 without Cruz hitting 3 bombas.

  3. I don't quite understand why Attaboy felt it was necessary to replay the clip of Kirilloff flying out.

  4. So far, this is one of those games where the club just isn't doing anything well. The pitching hasn't been good, the defense hasn't been good, and the offense hasn't been good. Maybe they'll get it out of their system early and come back strong later.

  5. One thing I appreciate about Morneau is that he doesn't have a lot of hot takes. He can see both sides of issues and even if he leans a certain way he doesn't get all indignant.

    1. Agreed. He’s very measured, and when he does have a strong opinion he tends to explain his reasoning and value walking people through what informs his thinking.

  6. Astudillo taking his ballcap off to catch pop ups at first base will always be funny

  7. Luck better turnaround in Game 2. Red Sox had two pop-ups fall in their three-run inning and then the ninth inning where Sano's line drive is barely foul and Arraez lines out to left field.

      1. With the cold weather, probably good they are super cautious with any hamstring tightness

  8. Garlick has twice come up with men at first and third and one out and the first time, he hit a line drive at 96 mph and the second time he hit a one-happer at 101 mph, and all he gets is a sac fly and GIDP. Berrios might need to pitch a 7-inning shutout to get the win.

  9. What the heck happened to Berrios to that last batter? That was awful. He completely lost all command and walks the No. 9 batter to tie the game. Of course, I doubt the inning gets away from him if Cave hadn't turned a single into a double to lead off the inning. He nearly turned it into a triple or worse.

    1. Maybe, but he wasn't close to the zone to the No. 9 batter and the bases were loaded with one out for the top of the order seeing him the third time.

  10. That was the first hit Duffey had allowed this year with two strikes. Last year with two strikes, oppenents batted .115 with a .179 OBP with two strikes against Duffey.

    His command is awful so far. That's his fifth walk in four innings.

  11. Rodón no-hit Cleveland's baseball team. 114 pitches and only a HBP on the 26th batter keeping him from a perfect game.

    1. Nasty slider to the toe. Also, great play by Abreu at first base on the first batter of the ninth kept the perfect game going at the time and ultimately preserved the no-hitter. He had to lunge with his foot to barely beat the diving runner, who was probably sliding to prevent being tagged out on a slow roller.

      This was 1 of 4 shutouts tonight and the Rockies have yet to score on Dustin May tonight, who hasn't allowed a run yet this year. Surprisingly, the Twins weren't one of the team shut out.

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