FMD: WFH Week 1 (3-20-20)

Last year, Annika Norlin and Jens Lekman released Correspondence, an "epistolary album" where each song is a montly "letter" back to the other, over the course of 2018. I'm a huge fan of Ms. Norlin's work. She records in English as "Hello Saferide" and in Swedish as "Säkert!" (though there's an album by Säkert! in English... translations of some of her Swedish songs). As for Lekman... meh. So it's an alternatingly great/not album. Norlin's second-best song on it is "Hibernation" from April, fitting for the current moment of self-quarantine and social distancing. Except for the parts where she takes a train and talks to some youth [lyrics].

BTW, the best song is "'Silent Night'", maybe the best thing Norlin's written (at least in English) [lyrics].

Anyways, drop your lists of Random tens, or maybe point out some fitting songs for waiting out the rider of the white horse.

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  1. 1. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy “At the Back of the Pit” At the Back of the Pit
    2. Priscilla Ahn “One Day I Will Do” When You Grow Up
    3. Faithless “Thank You” Saturday 3AM
    4. The Beach Boys “Surfin' Safari” Endless Summer
    5. Linked Horizon “Guren no Yumiya”* Jiyū e no Shingeki*

    6. Kacey Musgraves “All Is Found” Frozen II
    7. Jewel “Near You Always” Pieces of You
    8. Palace Brothers “For the Mekons et al” Hey Drag City
    9. Eels “Rags to Rags” Beautiful Freak
    T. Solid Doctor “Yum Yum”* How About Some More Ether: Collected Works 90-95
    E. Peaking Lights “Tiger Eyes (Laid Back) (Adrian Sherwood/On-U Sound Remix)”* 936 Remixes

    1. Released last year, appropriate for this one:

    Where can we hide when [viruses] fly
    To save ourselves when all others die?

    There's a hole in the yard, about ten by ten
    Just large enough to put all those items in
    A dark place to be if and when [COVID] hit[s]
    At the back of the pit

    When we hear the frogs again, we'll consent to raise our heads
    And it won't matter then if the rest of the world is dead
    Yes, between you and me we've got a repopulation kit
    The world will rise again from the back of the pit

    5. Aka "Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen" ("Crimson Bow and Arrow"), opening theme from season 1 of the anime series Attack on Titan. The release is a double A-side single with the theme from season 2, "Jiyū no Tsubasa/Die Flügel der Freiheit" ("Wings of Freedom").

    T. Remastered. Originally from the 12" EP Losing Patients, Volume One. I was excited to finally get a digital version.

    E. This and another remix from this ("Hey Sparrow" by Patten) are my two favorite songs by Peaking Lights. This remix EP not to be confused with 936 Remixed, which has four completely different and inferior remixes.

    1. Track 12 was "Solace" by Fovea Hex, the instrumental fourth track on The Salt Garden I. I thought it was a track from Stars of the Lid or A Winged Victory for the Sullen.

  2. 01. "Old Numbers" – Caitlin RoseThe Stand-In
    02. "Another Day" – The Majestic ArrowsEccentric Soul Vol. 2: The Bandit Label
    03. "Indiana" – Cymbals Eat GuitarsWhat There Are Mountains
    04. "Bali Ha'l" – Werner MullerHawaiian Swing
    05. "100 Years" – E.M.A.The Future's Void
    06. "Picong Duel" – Mighty Sparrow & Lord MelodyCalypso Awakening
    07. "My Boy (Twin Fantasy)" – Car Seat HeadrestTwin Fantasy
    08. "Country Of Illusion" – William TylerImpossible Truth
    09. "Lenny" – Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleLive At Carnegie Hall
    10. "Tree In Orange" – Walt MinkBareback Ride

  3. 1. The Unicorn--The Irish Rovers
    2. Song Sung Blue--Neil Diamond
    3. You Can Call Me Al--Paul Simon
    4. Everywhere--Fleetwood Mac
    5. Even the Nights are Better--Air Supply
    6. Have You Never Been Mellow--Olivia Newton-John
    7. Ain't Even Done With the Night--John Mellancamp
    8. The Story of My Life--Neil Diamond
    9. When Will I See You Again--The Three Degrees
    10. A Horse With No Name--America

  4. I've been trying to figure the best song to pair with Van Halen's Eruption, instead of You Really Got Me. Welcome to the Jungle works well but a little too close to the original. I've tried a bunch of different Guided By Voices songs (of course) and a few work well. I originally tried slower quieter songs for the dichotomy and change up, but they just didn't work. It really needs to be a rocker. I my list my top 10 Eruption/??? playlist sometime this weekend.

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