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Game 115 & 114 (Pt. Deux): Astros at Twins

Rain, rain go away
Come again another day:
Little Jose wants to play

Twins score 5 runs off 2015 Cy Young winner Dallas Keuchel, including a leadoff homerun by Brian Dozier, and win it going away!

le sigh...

"You get off to a good start against a good pitcher and you've got your best guy out there and you've just got to wipe it off the slate," Twins manager Paul Molitor said, with a hint of weariness in his voice. "Unfortunate. Good for them."

Apparently, last night's tilt was just for funsies, not an official game, and will be replayed tonight featuring bullpen residents Tommy Milone and Chris Devenski on the mound.

The day game features every immature person's favorite giggle-inducing, unfortunately-named veteran Doug Fister (10-7, 3.47 ERA) facing 22-year-old rookie Jose Berrios (2-2, 8.31 ERA), who is hoping to notch his 3rd big league win (and second against the Astros). Berrios's best Game Score thus far is a rather timid 57 (his first major league win vs Houston), while his opponent has accrued 8 games with GSc's of ≥60, with a record of 7-1 in those contests this year.

Bring 'em home, boyos!

Game 46: Twins @ Tigers

The losing streak has reached double digits! Can the Twins press on toward the greater glory on a 30 game losing streak? Can P.J. Walters make some sort of difference against a Tigers lineup that looks like they're having way too much fun in this series? Will Doug Fister give up fewer hits today than Anibal Sanchez did last night? Will Bioshock Infinite prove to be too tempting for me to resist?

Tune in and see - or watch QVC or something.

Twins on Leaderboards

Position Players rWAR - Mauer, 6th (2.2)
Offensive rWAR - Mauer, 10th (1.7)
Batting Average - Mauer, 5th (.337)
OBP - Mauer, 5th (.412)
Hits - Mauer, 9th (58)
Doubles - Mauer, 3rd (17)
Triples - Dozier, t-6th (2)
Walks - Willingham, 6th (27)
OPS+ - Mauer, 9th (143)
Times on Base - Mauer, t-6th (80)
Hit By Pitch - Willingham, 1st (7)
Hit By Pitch - Plouffe, t-3rd (5)
Sacrifices - Dozier, t-10th (2)
Sac Flies - Morneau, t-3rd (4)
Sac Flies - Doumit, t-7th (3)
Intentional Walks - Mauer, t-4th (4)
Caught Stealing - Dozier, t-5th (3)
Stolen Base % - Florimon, t-1st (100%)

BB/9 - Correia, 3rd (1.405)
Games Pitched - Fien, t-4th (23)
Games Pitched - Burton, t-10th (22)
Saves - Perkins, t-10th (8)
Games Started - Worley, t-2nd (10)
Hits Allowed - Worley, 2nd (82)
Hits Allowed - Correia, 8th (66)
Losses - Worley, t-5th (5)
Earned Runs Allowed - Worley, t-2nd (39)
Games Finished - Perkins, t-8th (14)