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August 31, 2017 Coffee From The Can (Alternate Reality Cuppa feat. FKB)

Did First grade(!) orientation last night for Kernel. Her reading "tested" at a level behind where she finished Kindergarten, but her new teacher indicated that was a median level for the grade. My wife was still annoyed that Kernel had slipped ... I don't think she understands summer break. Or maybe that's why I'm still paying off student loans while someone paid for her school?

Whatever, man.

Father Knows Best: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

The terrible twos have come a few months early!

Now, normally, this is actually not that bad a thing. As long as he's happy and content, watching him run around like a hellion and play toys and body slam his giant plush BB-8 is actually a joy to behold.

I'm just wondering how well that energy is going to work when we have to contain it for three hours on a plane.

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Father Knows Best: Roundup

Sitting here listening to some hockey (Wild win in Detroit, 4-2) after watching an episode of Homeland, drinking a glass of this, trying to figure out what my edition of Father Knows Best should address. I realize that any of those first three items could (and typically do) generate a whole day’s worth of conversation here at the World’s Greatest, but none of them really help me with the task at hand: namely, come up with something about being a father that is useful, challenging, interesting and LTE-inducing – all while keeping the post manageable, i.e., short.

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