2011 Game 109: Minnesota Twins at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (MUST WIN GAME!!!!!!11)

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welcome back, span. we're glad you’re still here, and we’re glad to have you back.

the twins come back from a rare day off and face off against the LAAAAAAAAAA angels. on the mound is ervin santana, whom i'm told has been pitching alright as of late. since we’re obviously not having a fire sale, might as well start winning, i guess. now's as good a time the start as any...

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    1. He's been way underrated as a player, and he doesn't have the luxury of being identified with one team. I think it'll be a hard road.

    2. I think no. Too many other good players who will be on the ballot first pushing him back towards the back. It will be tough to pick up momentary for him.

  1. Holy sh!t, I am about 30 seconds from muting these Halos idiots. Think Vince, the Slap-Chop guy, only douchier, and against Thome for HoF.

      1. ha! exactly. i always thought "roger lodge" sounded kind of dirty. what the hell was he doing in the booth anyway?

          1. I liked the cross promotion episode with Boy Meets World. Eric was such a liar.

          2. I was on an episode of Blind Date. It's (mostly) scripted. Now never ask me about it again, because it was a super terrible experience.

              1. Ha!

                I've never found a single result for my episode. I'm not sure it aired, even, because I never watched it. I've found some shots of my friend Steph (also an actor) from The Fifth Wheel, though. A whole bunch of those dating shows were under the same production banner, and they'd all cast at once and figure out who was going to be on what. She used her real name for some reason...not sure why she did that. Most everyone used a fake name.

                  1. They had me act like a total ass, so I said I'd only do it if I was allowed to use a ridiculous name so people who knew me knew it was bogus. So, I used "D'Artagnan."

                1. Blind Date, Fifth Wheel, Elimidate, Shipmates.

                  That was quite a fad in grotesque syndicated dating shows.

                  1. Yeah, they sucked. There was another one, too, right? With the guy who asked if they were going to stay with their current beau or switch to the new person?

              1. I had a mohawk and I talked about sex a lot, and both the girl and I claimed to hate one another. But, as I said, I don't know if it aired. I never saw it and even the people who knew I'd gone to shoot it and were watching for it never said they saw it.

  2. Alright, I've gotta admit, this Take The Money And Run show looks entertaining enough to make me watch an episode before it gets canceled.

  3. toby with 4th multi-hit game in a week. if he's not up by september, i'd be shocked.

  4. LaRussa takes exploiting matchups to the next level: it seems he put in a reliever just to hit Braun for retaliation.

  5. Man, I hate seeing balls get past Valencia. I feel like he is in Gardy's doghouse already and I don't need to see Matt Tolbert/Luke Hughes/Toby Gardenhire manning third anytime soon.

    1. Well, he did just throw a no-hitter, so I'm not surprised they're on a high about him.

      However, taken with the ball of idiocy you've been posting so far, I shouldn't give them the benefit of the doubt.

  6. Evening, gentleman.

    Twins have a 2-1 record on days in which AuntieWalt births a child. Better yet, the Twins have gone to the playoffs in two of the three years, with the exception being 2008. So, we've got this one and we're good to go for this season.

    Virtual cigars all around.

    1. Thanks. The heat took its toll on the wife, for sure, but soon I should be back in the wgom game starting tonight. Newborn and bride at the hospital. Big kids at grandma and grandpa's. I've been up since 4:30, but I'm going to stick this one out.

  7. Man, everyone on this Angels team is an annoying player. Bourjos, Kendrick, Aybar. All these guys are so annoying.

    1. Oh god dammit, Dick. Torii Hunter's "gold glove presence" kept that from being a double? Even _elmon probably could've stopped that ball from turning into a double.

      1. I was initially writing a reply about how if they let Slowey start it's letting that whining pussy who wouldn't sac up and pitch relief for the team win, but then Dick spewed forth the verbal diarrhea above, and I was too annoyed to cancel my LTE. Sorry!

  8. You need to cash in some runs if an inning opens with both Delmon and Nishi getting on base. C'mon Span.

  9. Have to say I'm shocked the Hunter contract has worked out as well as it has for the Angels. I expected a year like this one to happen sooner than 2011.

    As I type that, ol' double-eye jacks a donger.

  10. I feel like the Twins should be losing this game 1531-1 right now. The fact that we are only down 4 makes me feel a little better.

    /grasping at straws/

    1. With the rockets the Angels are hitting, I agree.

      Of course, the flipside of that is that it leaves me with very little reason to believe things will improve.

    1. I'd really held out hope that we'd be the first team ever to finish +.500 after being 20 games under, but the lethargic play of the last couple of weeks has got me thinking about next season, and perhaps figuring out which team to hang my hat on for the playoffs (I'm thinking Brewers and Diamondbacks, assuming they make it; the Braves are fine too).

      1. Looks like I'll be consigned to rooting for a team from Texas to come out of the American League once again. (Although I'd actually be okay pulling for the Wahoos if they could overtake the Tigers.)

          1. And I agree with with your NL teams, although my own sentimental order is probably Braves, Brewers, then Diamondbacks. I have almost as much trouble cheering for a team from Arizona as I do one from Texas, but hey, it'd be better than the Phillies.

            1. I feel you on the Arizona thing (lately more than ever) but working for the organization planted a seed, and, well, the 2001 World Series was awesome.

              As recently as two seasons ago I sorta cheered for the Phillies, but with the All-Star team they're buying these days, I just don't see the point.

              1. Spoiler SelectShow
                1. What I meant to say was,

                  Spoiler SelectShow
                    1. I haven't been able to read any of this because I'm still only between seasons two and three, but yeah, he said there was no way he could keep it real and keep Walt sympathetic whatsoever past that point.

                    2. I did read an article the other day about ongoing negotiations for a 5th (and certain, in that case, last) season. Supposedly AMC asked for a cut in the episode number, though, which Gilligan and company balked at. So who knows what's going to happen.

                1. Spoiler SelectShow
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                    1. Spoiler SelectShow
            1. Nice!

              It's late enough that I can spin this one. NSFW!
              John Trubee "Blind Man's Penis"

              1. Not bad. And as for the bottle comment, well, let's say the Calf has a different preference.


                1. I'm with Rufus.

                  My favorite song by his dad (and continuing on with the drunks and junkies theme--sort of...)


                  1. Yeah, that is a super solid number. This reminds me, I am going to be sending you a music related e-mail soon. Don't let me forget.

  11. I'm a big Valencia fan from last season, but he looks terrible lately. (SSS, I haven't reallt been watching that much baseball, he's just looked bad when I've seen him)

    1. Not-so SSS, he's been looking pretty lost. He also has to fight losing his temper at the dish constantly, and it's starting to grate on me.

      1. -0.8 rWAR. Ugh. On the plus side, his ISO has improved but his BABIP dropped 80 points. Maybe next year he can play in between the two ends.

    2. Valencia had an .804 OPS in July. He went 1-for-4 against a tough right-hander with a line-drive single. He's fine.

      1. Is there any way we can get you a bench coach position sitting directly next to Gardy?

  12. Is it just me or are Dick and Bert spending more time talking about Sunday's Tigers/Angels tilt than this game?

  13. Boo.

    The Sox quit. The Indians aren't for real and the Tigres fade. Keep the faith.

    And thanks for keeping the light on, wgom faithful.

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