46 thoughts on “Game 152: Twins in Oakland”

        1. b-r has him at 3.6 WAR
          to me, that would be 'good'
          and way better than the players the Twins have trotted out in recent years

            1. By fwar, tied for 10th out of 17 qualifiers. Average. That wss kind of my point. Nithing wrong with average, oarticularly when most of your lineup is replacement level

              1. Average includes everybody, not just "qualifiers". There are 30 teams, so 10th would be securely above average. He has a split OPS+ of 105 relative to second baseman and is above average defensively. His numbers include a terrible start, so he's been much better over his last 99 games (.811 OPS). Don't know why we have to argue about if Dozier is "good." No one should be weeping over that. The ridiculous notion of him being Team MVP is where I would argue against, but I wouldn't argue with anyone calling him the team's MVP of the non-Mauers.

      1. I don't like the gold jerseys. I think the classic A's uniform is one of the best in the game, so don't mess with a good thing.

            1. At least: If a team's name reflects a color of sox, then they need to have that-colored hosiery.
              Would prevent parents all across the country from having to answer difficult questions.
              "Why are the White Sox wearing black socks?"
              "Why are the Red Sox wearing blue socks?"
              "Why are the players all wearing pants that cover their socks if the team is called the Sox?"

              Also make it that all teams have official stirrups (preferrably with a team logo or striping) as part of their uniform, even if it's not required they wear them. Teams desiring plain stirrups must have them approved by the commissioner's office.
              Some players want stirrups (and I think the culture, at least of the American-born players is moving that way), but all that's available are solid tall socks, some of which now look like women's stockings when streched. Or the equipment manager can find stirrups, but they're plain.

              Not requiring wearing so it doesn't affect the CBA.

  1. Josh Willinghams' defense makes me yearn for the days of yore.
    The days when Delmon Young patrolled the field.

  2. i finally finished cleaning the kitchen, and the twins are threatening to make me stay up even later than my bedtime.

    eh, who am i kidding? like i need an excuse to stay up until 1am, as per usual.

        1. And you have the advantage of a timezone on me. I'm only still up because I didn't get off work until 12:30 and at this point in for a penny, in for a pound.

  3. does it seem to anyone else that atteberry isn't all that well-liked by his partners in the booth? for some reason, i get the feeling that neither dazzle nor provus is a big fan of working with him.

  4. Sorry, guys, but I don't have anything for this game. I didn't stay up late enough to watch it, and the box score I saw is all messed up. It says that Shairon Martis was pitching in the eighth inning of a tie game, and there's no way Gardy would be dumb enough to do that, so I have no idea what actually happened. Assuming they had the final score right, and we lost, I'll simply say that we'll just have to settle for 76-86!

  5. The Race to the Bottom plugs on. One note: the Twins only need to go 2-8 the rest of the way to show improvement over last year! Considering that Jim Pohlad asserted early in the season that he felt the club had enough talent to make the playoffs, that can't be much comfort for Mr. Gardenhire either because (a) management will feel that he's way underperformed, (b) his boss is delusional, or (c) both.

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