Winterball Wrapup

A look at how Twins players fared in the various winter leagues.

Annoyingly, playoff stats are not included in winter ball stats, even though the playoffs go on for a month.  The only post-season stat that appears to be readily available is batting average.  We'll take the players by league, and not include guys who just played a handful of games:


Oswaldo Arcia (Aragua) hit .262/.386/.496 in 141 at-bats.  He drew 26 walks and hit 8 homers.  In the post-season, playing for Zulia, he batted only .196.

Eduardo Escobar (Anzoategui) hit .254/.315/.415 in 193 at-bats.  He batted .303 for the post-season.

Edgar Ibarra (Aragua) was 2-1, 3.55, 1.36 WHIP with 34 strikeouts in 33 innings.

Yorman Landa (La Guaira) 2-0, 3.50, 1.17 with 17 strikeouts in 18 innings.

Aaron Thompson (Aragua) was 2-1, 5.15, 1.67 in 12 innings.

Deolis Guerra (Magallanes) was 0-2, 3.86, 1.33 with 27 strikeouts in 21 innings.  He had a 0.00 ERA in the playoffs.

Virgil Vasquez (Zulia) was 0-4, 6.49, 1.37 in 43 innings.

Dakota Watts (Aragua) was 4-3, 3.38, 1.69 in 26.2 innings.

Yohan Pino (Aragua) was 4-6, 4.33, 1.49 in 68.2 innings.


Jorge Polanco (Escogido) hit .294/.361/.383 in 180 at-bats.

Danny Santana (Aguilas) hit .311/.339/.451 in 122 at-bats.  He drew four walks, one intentional.

Chris Colabello (Este) hit .190/.254/.190 in 58 at-bats.


Eddie Rosario (Mayaguez) hit .173/.250/.308 in 104 at-bats.  He hit .303 in the post-season.

Daniel Ortiz (Mayaguez) hit ..229/.261/.282 in 131 at-bats.  He hit .278 in the post-season.

Kennys Vargas (Mayaguez) hit .261/.331/.413 in 138 at-bats.  He hit .230 in the playoffs.


Brad Boyer (Culiacan) hit .281/.317/.386 in 57 at-bats.


Logan Wade (Brisbane) hit .244/.309/.311 in 164 at-bats.

Lewis Thorpe (Melbourne) was 3-2, 2.45, 1.20 WHIP with 30 strikeouts in 36.2 innings.

Josh Guyer (Melbourne) was 1-2, 4.26, 2.00 with 14 strikeouts and 11 walks in 19 innings.

That's it.  The winter baseball season is over.  I hope you enjoyed these reports, and I thank you for your patience when I got behind on them.  We'll take a couple of months off, then come back in April with the return of Minor Details.

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