30 thoughts on “Friday Music Day: Feb 14, 2014”

  1. 1. Citizen Cope - "Bullet and a Target" - Live Current, Vol. 1
    2. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - "She's the One" - Born to Run
    3. The New Pornographers - "Daughters of Sorrow" - Together
    4. Jeremy Messersmith - "Organ Donor" - The Reluctant Graveyard
    5. Son Volt - "Ipecac" - Afterglow 61
    6. Ryan Adams - "AMY" - Heartbreaker
    7. Radiohead - "Ripcord" - Pablo Honey
    8. Bon Iver - "Creature Fear" - For Emma, Long Ago
    9. The Decemberists - "The Perfect Crime No. 2" - The Crane Wife
    10. Rage Against the Machine - "Born as Ghosts" - The Battle of Los Angeles
    B. Mark Knopfler - "The Fireswamp and the Rodents of Unusual Size" - The Princess Bride Soundtrack

    3. For some reason, I started following AC Newman in Twitter a couple of weeks ago. His live-tweeting the Opening Ceremony was hilariously snarky.
    8. I have no idea how some Bon Iver snuck into my collection a few years ago. That will be rectified quickly.

  2. "She's Thunderstorms" - Arctic Monkeys - Suck It and See
    "It's All in Your Mind" - Beck - Sea Change
    "Area 52" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mosquito
    "Remember When" - Black Keys - Attack and Release
    "Oh My Golly!" - Pixies - Surfer Rosa
    "The First Taste" - Fiona Apple - Tidal
    "Magic Pie" - Oasis - Be Here Now
    "Suburban War" - Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
    "Jersey" - Wheeler Brothers - Portraits
    "Salina" - The Avett Brothers - Emotionalism

  3. * The Making of a Revolution (Bounded Sequence) - Hummingbird - Their Fearful Symmetry Remixes
    * Meikyu - Voices From the Lake - (self-titled)
    * Tissue No. 2 - Wendy Suter - Songs and Poems for Solo Cello (P. Glass)
    * Angkat - Bang on a Can All-Stars - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary (E. Ziporyn)
    * Dyslexic Haiku - Larsen - Cool Cruel Mouth**
    * Spunky - Eels - Beautiful Freak
    * Passenger - Deftones - White Pony***
    * Structure 1 - Moritz von Oswald Trio - Horizontal Structures
    * Song of Songs - Two Gallants - The Bloom and the Blight
    * What if We Could? - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack

    ** 5 minutes into song #5 of my random 10 (23 minutes in overall), the first vocals appear.

    *** Deftones + Maynard, possibly my favorite song on my iPod.

  4. 1. Sorrow - David Bowie - Pin-ups
    2. My Little Problem - Replacements - All Shook Down
    3. Temptation - Elvis Costello - Get Happy!!
    4. Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Judy Mowatt - Reggae Summer
    5. Down By The River - Neil Young - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
    6. The Long Black Veil - Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison
    7. Possession - Elvis Costello - Get Happy!!
    8. I'm a Believer - Monkees - The Monkees
    9. Oh Gin - Velvet Underground - Peel Slowly and See
    10. I Confess - English Beat - Special Beat Service
    B. Pay It Back - Elvis Costello - My Aim Is True

    Evidently it must be a "Get Happy!!" kind of day.

    1. Evidently it must be a "Get Happy!!" kind of day.

      Yes, see below. Do you have the 20-song version or the 50-song version of that release?

      1. I havent listened to the bonus disc in a long time.
        Rhino did the Costello reissues right by providing tons bonus content. I was working my way up from My Aim Is True and have only made it to Trust. Just an incredible run of music.

  5. Top 15 Prog albums, per Prog Archives long standing survey:

    1. Close To The Edge - Yes
    2. Thick As A Brick - Jethro Tull
    3 . Selling England By The Pound - Genesis
    4 . Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
    5. Foxtrot - Genesis
    6. In The Court Of The Crimson King - King Crimson
    7. Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd
    8. Animals - Pink Floyd
    9. Red - King Crimson
    10. Godbluff - Van Der Graaf Generator
    11. Fragile - Yes
    12. Hybris - Änglagård
    13. Nursery Cryme - Genesis
    14. Per Un Amico - Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM)
    15. Moving Pictures - Rush

    Not really a Jethro Tull fan and certainly not a fan of Van Der Graaf Generator, but a solid list nonetheless.

  6. The pandora.com shuffle:

    1. "Hungry Eyes"--Eric Carmen--The Definitive Collection
    2. "Shediac Bridge"--Vishten--11:11
    3. "For What It's Worth"--Buffalo Springfield--Retrospective
    4. "Maybe I'm Amazed"--Paul McCartney & Wings--Wings Over America
    5. "Take the Money and Run"--Steve Miller Band--Fly Like An Eagle
    6. "Copperhead Road"--Steve Earle and The Dukes--Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator
    7. "That'll Be the Day"--Buddy Holly and The Crickets--Radio Gold (Volume 3)
    8. "Runaround Sue"--Dion--Runaround Sue
    9. "Don't Stop Believin'"--Journey--Escape
    10. "Same Old Lang Syne"--Dan Fogelberg--The Innocent Age

  7. 1. The Field “Good Things End” From Here We Go Sublime
    2. Einstürzende Neubauten “Newtons Gravitätlichkeit” Silence Is Sexy
    3. Dolfish “Jack of No Trades” Dolfish Live
    4. Heights of Abraham “Humidity Rising” Humidity*
    5. Merle Haggard & the Strangers “Drink Up And Be Somebody” I'm a Lonesome Fugitive

    6. Lauryn Hill “Ex-Factor”* The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
    7. Lydia Loveless “Jealousy”* Indestructible Machine
    8. The Field “Leave It” Yesterday & Today
    9. The Pharcyde “She Said” Labcabincalifornia
    T. Johnny Cash “Orleans Parish Prison” Murder
    E. The Bottle Rockets “Zoysia”* Zoysia

    4. Just ripped last night. Trip-hop side project from Fila Brazillia's Steve Cobby, with a jazzier feel and some vocals.

    6. I still absolutely love this. I may have mentioned this before, but I'd been listening to (my edited version of) Enter the Wu-Tang. First, there's that muffled bump from.. what? "Chessboxin'"? Then she sings "It could all be so simple..." and the lights go on. There's probably lots of versions of things like this that I miss, but I got this one and I love it.

    7. Download-only bonus track that came with the vinyl. I bought the vinyl for this track. "Last night I got drunk and kissed another man.
    That's the kind of thing that I've been doing to get back at you.
    I've become such an unbelievable whore.
    All the things that I picture myself killing you for
    are the same things that I've done twice as much to you to get even.
    That's married women do, isn't it?"
    Totally worth the price of vinyl for something otherwise I had on CD.

    E. Great song. It's about living in an area where your political opinion is atypical, with a grass metaphor.

    1. Don't Stop Believin' came out when I was in High School. Thank God no told me that it would still be around in 2014. I might have ended it right there and then,

      1. Oops that is suppose to go as a response to the Padre above.

        Now that I'm here, I have to admit the Bottle Rockets re-release didn't do a whole lot for me.

  8. 1. The Piano Has Been Drinking -- Tom Waits -- Small Change
    2. Space Invader -- The Pretenders -- The Pretenders
    3. Dr. Luther's Assistant -- Elvis Costello -- Get Happy!
    4. Teenage Lobotomy -- The Ramones -- Mania
    5. The Warmest Room -- Billy Bragg -- Talking with the Taxman About Poetry
    6. Gideon -- My Morning Jacket -- Z
    7. We've Been Had -- Uncle Tupelo -- Anodyne
    8. Nothing So Hard -- Guided By Voices -- Suitcase 3: Up We Go Now
    9. Angel of the Blues -- Son Volt -- Honky Tonk
    10. Words Fells -- Lucinda Williams -- World Without Tears

    B1. Smokers -- Old 97s -- Alive and Wired
    B2. They're not Witches -- Guided By Voices -- Alien Lanes

  9. 'Angel Eyes' - Jeff Healey Band
    'No More Tears' - Ozzy Osbourne
    'Tommy Rockwood' - The Little Willies
    'This Magic Moment' - Jay and the Americans
    'We're Coming Out' - The Replacements

    'The Breakup Song' - Greg Kihn Band
    'Sooner or Later' - Grass Roots
    'Soul Singing' - Black Crowes
    'Pumped Up Kicks' - Foster the People
    'Low' - Cracker

  10. 01. King Diamond - "No More Me", The Puppet Master
    02. Corrosion of Conformity - "Pearls Before Swine", Deliverance
    03. Iced Earth - "Tragedy and Triumph, Dystopia
    04. The Misfits - "Fiend Club", Famous Monsters
    05. Death - "Symbolic", Symbolic
    06. Winter Storm - "The Frozen Siren", Within the Frozen Design
    07. Entombed - "Year One Now", Morning Star
    08. Arch Enemy - "Instinct", Anthems of Rebellions
    09. Enslaved - "Roots of the Mountain, Riitiir
    10. Hypocrisy - "Soldier of Fortune", End of Disclosure

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