2014 Game 3: Team Twinned Cities v. Windy City Betas

There's a game threatening.  Will there be one?  We'll see!

Minnesota Twins vs. Chicago White Sox
U.S. Cellular Field
333 West 35th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60616
1:10 PM CT

Phil Hughes
(0-0; 0.00)
Jose Quintana
(0-0; 0.00)

Twins Starting Lineup
1. Dozier - 2B
2. Mauer - DH
3. Willingham - LF
4. Colabello - 1B
5. Plouffe! - 3B
6. Arcia - RF
7. Pinto - C
8. Hicks - CF
9. Florimon - SS

White Sox Starting Lineup
1. Eaton - CF
2. Semien - 3B
3. Abreu - 1B
4. Dunn - DH
5. A. Garcia - RF
6. De Aza - LF
7. Ramirez - SS
8. Flowers - C
9. L. Garcia - 2B

114 thoughts on “2014 Game 3: Team Twinned Cities v. Windy City Betas”

  1. Looks like the bullpen will be getting some work today. 46 pitches through two innings.

  2. Steve Stone with the definitive takedown of the slide into first. It's almost worth watching the Sox broadcast without the mute button on. Almost.

    1. I dont mind watching Hawk/Stone Pony. But if I had to everyday, I might stab my ears.

      1. Stone reins in Hawk quite a bit. The worst ever pairing was a series when it was Hawk and Frank Thomas. Thomas not only egged on Hawk's worst behavior, he added some of his own.

        1. Stone worked with Harry Caray for years, so he's used to an old man rambling on without a point.

  3. Between both teams, we've seen a balk, passed balls, wild pitches, hit batters, fielders interference.

    Any guess to what we will see next?

    1. I'm hoping for a pitcher to forget that the third-to-first move isn't allowed anymore.

  4. Hughes with more strikeouts than innings pitched. Are starters allowed to do that?

    1. He's averaged about 1 HR per 7 innings over his career, so maybe he's just getting them out of the way for his next start?

  5. Eesh, that Semiens guy seems like a really crappy hitter. I'm thinking walking him is cause for shame.

  6. welp, think I'll walk away from this one.

    We might not have a very good team here, guys.

    1. I almost went to this game but a) though the weather isn't too bad, I don't think I had quite enough clothes, b) I might have had to leave early anyway, and (most importantly) c) SH closed their ticket window way earlier than I was expecting.

    1. They should put C. B. Bucknor, Hunter Wendelstedt, Angel Hernandez, and Phil Cuzzi on the same crew.

  7. #6pen

    I was just talking to our old buddy Moss when the Twins tied 'er up. But, I guess we can't have nice things.

      1. Reeeaalllly bad strike 3 call low and away. Baby J even got in CJ's face a little about it (which confirmed to Hawk it was indeed a bad pitch).

    1. I hit the treadmill when the Twins were pitching. That 6th inning almost killed me.

  8. Colabello had 6 rbi today
    can you name the last Twins to get at least 6 in a game?

  9. Twins starters in three games have 16 Ks and 4 BBs in 16 innings. If they would just stop striking people out they could last longer in the game.

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