63 thoughts on “Friday Night sportsing: World Series Game 3/Timberwolves-Thunder”

  1. I thought Thibs was supposed to be a defensive coach? Not much defense on display tonight.

    Switching to baseball. That quarter was not entertaining.

  2. Thoughts on KLAC: Charley Steiner & Rick Monday seem to have a good rapport with voices well suited to radio. It's been a long time since I've heard a commercial for Morongo Casino. Apparently everyone in LALADodgerland drives a Mercedes.

      1. Which is why I don't understand him thinking about tagging at first base. He should have been 1 step off of second base and then he could have easily gone to third.

      1. Still, if there's any game you'd want to get to the bullpen early it's the first of a three game set.

  3. FOX had a graphic:In his postseason career, Turner is 14-20 (.700) is RISP situations

    holy cows

    now 14-21 (.667)

    1. If McCullers gets the win in this game, that DP could be a major turning point in this series because he probably had a pretty short leash in that inning.

  4. I noticed Altuve wears the eye black strips. You dont see that (or the eye black paint) as much these days.

  5. Jimmy Butler running on fumes because of a cold is better than 75% of the players in the league.

        1. 'Spoiler' SelectShow
          1. I only saw the last few minutes when Butler pretty much single-handedly willed the team to win, despite Teague deciding to dribble into the backcourt out of a timeout with a 4-point lead and 30 seconds left.

  6. Newbish was crying in bed, which was weird, so we brought him out to calm him down a bit, and he got to see a little bit of the baseball game.

    He loved it. Numbers everywhere! People running! A ball is involved!

    He got frustrated when commercials would come on, then went the game came on, he'd squeal "baseball!"

    My heart has grown three sizes.

  7. McCann suh-hucks. Should have blocked that pitch through the wickets in the sixth. Cost a run because he didn't. Not like he got crossed up either.

    1. The dilly dilly has to win an award for worst commercial of the year. Just plain dumb. Not funny dumb. Just dumb. I turn the channel in protest whenever I see it.

    1. That's a move (or lack thereof) that if it doesn't work leads to a lot of scrutiny. I don't like it when teams get away with what worked so well for them during the season in the playoffs because of one or two poor showings.

  8. I’m happy for the stros, but I’d prefer this thing go 7 games as the winter is long and full of terrors.

  9. What the hell is Steve Kerr wearing? Leather jacket and Hawaiian shirt? What kind of weird homage is that?

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