50 thoughts on “2018 Game 20: Twins at Yankees”

  1. Might as well use the challenge in the first inning. The way things have gone, it may not matter later anyway.

  2. Man ... I really appreciate Jeebus, but even I get tired of the GIDP. Part of me almost prefers a Sanó K.

    [edit] Disregard!!!!

  3. Cory says Sano has a 2-2 count "with Escobar looming". I have a hard time thinking that Eduardo Escobar looms.

  4. I'll miss the rest of the game log, as I have a graveside service in Onida this afternoon. I hope that's not symbolic.

  5. I'm glad there is very little chance I would see anyone face to face who would complain about Fernando Rodney because I would have a serious impulse to punch them in the face. You seriously could not have pitched better than Rodney did in that inning. Two ground balls that didn't go for outs and then a home run on a pitch in on Sanchez' hands off the plate.

    1. He could have just missed the bats too... I guess that would be considered "pitching better", but ok.

    2. I won't go quite that far, but yes, had Sano made the play on Gregorius the inning might have been completely different. And it sounds like the infield single was simply bad luck.

  6. I was listening in the car while I ran errands on my break. I figured they'd get walked off up 3-0. I know it's early but it feels like the season is careening off the rails. Sigh.

    1. Given my son isn't yet into baseball and I'm usually too tired to watch the games anyway, I'm not getting too worked up over any of this. So, blessings of having a busy life, I suppose.

  7. Rodney's pitches were moving all over the place and his fastball was at 96. That Sanchez hit a home run on that pitch where it was placed is astounding. Fans hate to do it, they want to place blame, I'm already seeing it on Twitter, but sometimes you have to give the hitter (bad defense and bad luck as well) credit.

    1. I have an irrational hatred for the Yankees, because their absolute dominance of the Twins over the last 17 years defies any logic and reason.

      1. And I would argue it's actually 25 years. Not coincidentally I think, the Yankees have been amazing over the same period.

        1. I can get worked up over stupid sports stuff, but none of it pushes my buttons quite like the inevitability of the Yankees pulling wins out of their ass against the Twins. I think being annoyed by them, and even really annoyed makes sense. But I don't understand quite why it pushes me as far as it does.

          1. I'm with you.
            I'm over most sports concerns, but seeing the Twins get swept by the Yankees still ruins my day.

  8. Of the Twins' 20 games, 9 have been against the Yankees (4), the Indians (2) and the Astros (3). The Twins beat the Astros, split with the Indians and now this. I'm just glad the Twins only have 3 games versus the Yankees left.

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