2018 Game 71 – Boston at Minnesota

!Day Game Alert!

The Twins haven't scored a ton of runs, but their differential is not as jaw-dropping as I'd expected to see. Competent-to-Good pitching helps I guess. If this team can stay within a half-dozen games of first, I'd love to see them add some offense before the deadline. I'd even be happy with the return of second-half-2017 Dozier, Morrison, Buxton & Polanco with a little Santana (and eventually Sano ... hopefully sometime later this summer?) sprinkled in.
Anyway, Boston's legit, and no matter the outcome of today's game (Good Gibson v. Porcello ... yeah), I'm encouraged by the Twins' play against 'em. Add some offense and a continued mediocre run by Cleveland and this team may still be competing in late August.

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  1. Alex Kirilloff has been moved up from Cedar Rapids to Fort Myers. He was batting .333/.391/.607 for the Kernels. I'd say he deserved it.

  2. Rosario is out today with "discomfort" in his throwing shoulder. That's the sort of vague description that always worries me.

  3. We're going to need some offense to win this game. It's time for some progression toward the mean for a lot of guys.

    1. In a conference call, but watching Gameday, I was thinking the same thing. I'm feeling bad that our starters are getting hung out to dry like this; Gibby is pitching another good game so far, and he's getting no help on the other side from the top side of the box score.

  4. Was Jack implying that the hit batsman by Gibby was intentional? I didn't read it that way.

  5. If Rosario and Escobar are both out tomorrow. Molitor might as well pull the lineup out of a hat, or bat them alphabetically or something. It doesn't much matter in what order they make outs.

  6. If you're wondering about help from Rochester, the players with the best OPS are the two catchers, Wynston Sawyer (.323/.456/.403 in 62 at-bats) and Willians Astudillo (.294/.324/.500). The only other batters with an OPS over .700 are Chris Carter (.192/.344/.449) and Jake Cave (.272/.350/.398). Nick Gordon, after a hot start, is batting .255/.272/.373. Kennys Vargas is at .221/.297/.354. Zack Granite is batting .200/.289/.223.

      1. Having a 1st catcher would be appreciated, but having a backup that hits for more than .148/.200/.278 would be nice, too. Surely one of those two plays the position of catcher at an acceptable enough level to replace Bobby Wilson.

    1. They have to do something to address the catcher situation and they can't wait until late July to make a decision. If they don't do something soon, we can assume the FO isn't serious about contending this year.

  7. Still, a series win against the Red Sox. Assuming that we can find a couple of runs here and there, our starting rotation seems willing to try to win some ball games.

    1. The offense won't be able to score after Gibson loses his sanity and just burns down the bat rack.

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